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A bold new name in high-performance motorsport and an all-new category in open-wheeled track cars. The Rodin FZED brings the dawn of a new era of cutting-edge, exclusive and exotic single-seat enjoyment. Manufactured in New Zealand, amongst the picturesque foothills of the stunning South Island, the FZED is an engineering piece of art ready to be driven by the most dedicated of car enthusiasts.

Have you ever dreamt of driving your own Formula 1 car? The Rodin FZED is as close as you will get to experiencing that heart-pumping, adrenaline-inducing lifestyle in a brand-new vehicle. Truly know what it is to drive; with the Rodin FZED.

Constructed using the forefront of carbon fibre processes and the latest in 3D printed technology, with Cosworth engines based on those used in the Indy Racing League, the Rodin FZED has the performance to rival modern Grand Prix cars.

Many of the components, including the seat system, steering wheel, pedal unit, exhaust and muffler systems have been designed and developed in-house by the Rodin Cars engineering team, using 3D printed titanium and featuring Titanium Nitride PVD coatings. Maximum power is 675hp @ 9,600 rpm. Peak torque is 490Nm at 7,600rpm, while the redline is 10,000rpm. With a top speed of 300kph, the Rodin FZED is a force to be reckoned with.

The beauty of the Rodin FZED - the speed, the power, the downforce and cornering grip - are only a small aspect of the pure luxury that is being part of the Rodin family. From exclusive race gear just for owners, access to driving your FZED at the picturesque Rodin Test Facility hidden in the rolling mountains of New Zealand, delivery of your vehicle in a specially designed transport container that can be provided with your purchase, to exclusive and in-depth driver training programs designed to get your own supercar, and heart, racing; owning a Rodin FZED truly is a lifestyle all on its own.

The Rodin Cars team is there to facilitate your journey each step of the way. Start your journey today. Contact Rodin Cars to organise the first steps towards getting behind the steering wheel of your very own FZED.

Nothing like it.


MAX SPEED 300 kph (Subject to Aero Configuration)
ACCELERATION 0-100 kph 2.9 sec, 0-160 kph 5.0 sec (Subject to Conditions)
MAX POWER 675 hp @ 9,200 rpm
MAX TORQUE 450 Nm @ 7,600 rpm
MAX RPM 10,000 rpm normal running
WEIGHT 609 kg (wet)

Engine Technical
CAPACITY 3,800 cc
MASS 135 kg
Longitudinal mid-mounted naturally-aspirated
CONFIGURATION 8 cylinders in a ‘V’ configuration 90-degree bank angle
CONSTRUCTION Cast aluminum alloy cylinder block & heads, forged aluminum pistons, steel crankshaft
TIMING Double overhead cams driven via compliant gearing from the crankshaft
FUELING 8 injectors supplied by a pressurised system at 100 bar

Brake Systems
Carbon-Carbon, Split front-rear system
Twin master cylinders with front/rear bias adjustment
FRONT CALIPER Monoblock 6 pot opposing piston
REAR CALIPER Monoblock 6 pot opposing rear calipers

GEARBOX Longitudinal layout, dog engagement
SHIFT PATTERN R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6
GEARSHIFT Semi-automatic, paddle shift, pneumatic actuation, autothrottle blip/ignition cut
CLUTCH Triple plate sintered steel

Double wishbone
Springs actuated via pushrod & rocker arrangements.
Adjustable ride height & camber
DAMPERS 4 way adjustable
Front & rear anti-roll bars
Blade type adjustment

LENGTH 4,904 mm
WIDTH 1,900 mm
HEIGHT 960 mm
CHASSIS Carbon composite, Nomex® core & aluminum core construction, autoclave cure
BODY Carbon composite body panels, Nomex® core construction

Safety Systems
FIRE SYSTEM cockpit & engine bay nozzles (FIA approved system)
SAFETY HARNESS 6 point FIA F1™ spec harness, quick release turnbuckle
HEADREST Compliant to FIA regulations
CRASH STRUCTURE Front and rear crash structures designed and tested to FIA guidelines
Roll-over hoop designed & tested to FIA guidelines

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