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Swallow DR47 Hillclimb / Sprint car (May PX)
 : 7 |   : 0

2.0 16V Race car currently setup for Hillclimb & Sprint Easy to Drive & maintained to highest standard, a lot of money recently spent on car Ideal for Class O Racing Cars Manufactured 1986-93 or K(i) 2 Litre Racing Cars or equally make a great F3 circuit car again (with the appropriate engine fitment) ...

£19,500 GBP

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with FQ400
 : 13 |   : 0

For Sale Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, European LHD Never Crashed !!! Actually on the car is mounter lightweight kit FQ 400 ( front bumper with lip , rear bumper, sill covers , central stainless exhaust, hood + shark + spoiler lid ...)parts made from epoxy resin reinforced with carbon + coremat 3m (‘’not cheap Fiberglass’’) + epoxy front wi...

€26,900 EUR

Mini track car.  A-series 1420cc, Full Race
 : 16 |   : 1

Mini track car. A-series 1420cc, Full Race track car. Road legal track prepared Mini, this is a serious bit of kit and not to mistaken for some hobby build. This Mini track car has been built extremely well, sounds awesome and is very quick. It is road legal so can be used as a daily driver and not just for track days, of course it...

€19,999 EUR

Newest Auctions in  Sprint and Hillclimb Cars

RS Cosworth by Wolf Racing
 : 5 |   : 0

Wolf Racing Escort RS Cosworth. 1994-1995 ADAC GT Cup. Car #4 Driver - Herbert Drexler.

£40,000 GBP

time left: 1 w, 6 d