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FIRST WORKS DRIVER: JIMMY McRAE (Jim’s first full works drive)
Registration Date: 23/02/1978 Most’d until 20/04/2017


This car was the 4th HS GP4 car DTV built – it was a new car for the 1978 season, built for Jimmy McRae as his first full time works drive( partnering Pentti Airikkala in the sister car TEB 650 S).

In Jim’s hands the car completed numerous rallies and tests in 1978 – Main events being Circuit of Ireland (2nd Overall); Mintex (7th Overall); Welsh (DNF); Scottish (DNF). The car was one of DTV’s engine homologation issue cars – it was running a Lotus Head until the famous DTV press article in April 1978 led to the cars having to run Vauxhall 16 valve heads, as homologated.

The car was sold to Alan Arneil later in 1978 and he campaigned the car to numerous wins and finishes in Scotland and wider. He sold the car to Fred Henderson in 1981 who again used the car very successfully through to 1985, when it was sold to Vince Moseley who used it through to 1986 and did several events with it. H A Good owned the car then until 1991, when it was purchased through Richard Lepley by Jimmy McRae to form part of what was to become The McRae Collection with Colin. Upon Colin’s tragic death, the car was sold to us via Richard Lepley again in 2010 (it still shows Jim as the previous keeper on the V5). We have competed in numerous rallies & demonstration events in the intervening years.

Jimmy has driven this car since we have owned it at Goodwood Festival of Speed, Race Retro & Rally Day. It is a famous, well-regarded car and can get an entry to virtually any historic event worldwide for such period cars – we are often asked to attend such events. We have masses of clippings and reports of the car in period and from the present day events we have performed at.
The car is one of the few still in an original DTV works shell and still carrying all the correct period parts. When we acquired the car, we rebuilt a brand new 2300 engine for the car with all new correct to period internals. The car had been upgraded to 2600 previously, but we rebuilt the engine to correct as homologated 2300 Vauxhall 16 valve engine.


The shell is a proper HS DTV Safety Devices shell. It has the correct works cage, with rear bars running to beside the rear turret tubs. It does not have a cross diagonal as they never did in the day. It is still running single eye harness pick-ups in the rear too. It has the correct works Bilstein Jack & mount. It runs a bag tank, in correct DTV frame and with HS DTV cover (so many have incorrect later fibreglass which HS GP4 cars should not have). The shell is strengthened and relieved in all the places it should be – fully seam welded and braised. The rear tub has been correctly modified for the dry sump tank on the Nearside rear corner – this has the original release slant sided cover system and also houses the fuel pump and twin mounts.

The car has the original works wiring loom, including the correct period fuse and relay panel behind the co-drivers foot rest in the front foot well. It has all the correct period gauges and instruments, including the original dash mounted Tag Heuer stop watch from 1978. The footrest is the correct Works bar type, with the dry sump oil lines running in the passenger well, beside the tunnel bulge for the exhaust. The rear turrets are the modified extended tall type to DTV specification. There is a Peltor type intercom system.

The tunnel is the correct ‘S’ style for the full length through to the rear boxed exhaust high mount through the rear valance. This is all welded and shielded as per DTV specification. The DTV adjustable large capacity pedal box, adjuster bar and Works filler bottles/tray are all in place.

The exhaust is a full re-packable works system, with a balanced 4 into 1 front pipe. This was custom made to the car in stainless, then fully zircon coated inside and out. The propshaft is the large diameter single piece unit – balanced and with grease nipples as per Works specification.

The car has full hydraulic handbrake on correct DTV mount. The battery box is behind the driver’s seat with correct mount and slide on cover. The Works filler/washer bottle is behind the passenger seat as per DTV specification.

The front and rear glass have the correct DTV anti-pop out alloy tags. The door pockets are the correct original DTV type. The dash is the full twin sided DTV one, with correct DTV ignition key. The tacho drive is the original mechanical chronometric type, driven off the rear of the cam housing. The Halda trip meter is the correct period type too. The seats are period Cobra units. There is hand held and fully plumbed in extinguisher systems. The belts are later red coloured ones.

The sump guard is the correct DTV Works pre-stressed type. The suspension arms are all strengthened and skidded front and back. The front cross member is reinforced and strengthened. The front suspension is rose jointed with strengthened arms and mounting points, large alloy hubs, large ball joints and 13mm works anti Roll Bar, with correct DTV alloy mounts.

The rack is the stronger Alloy-cased Works CIH Kadett ‘C’ type with the DTV alloy mounts. The front brakes are full period AP callipers, vented discs, with forest specification springs. The shock absorbers are the correctly rated Bilstein DTV spec competition ones.

The rear suspension is fully rebuilt with all new innards 4HA Works DTV fully floating axle. 4.55:1 LSD with correct new 741mm half shafts. This is running on the correct skidded rear arms, with forest springs and Bilsteins. The rear callipers are the correct period AP ones and the brakes are vented disc. The axle runs the correct double outer bearings, is fully 5-linked and rose jointed. The arms are adjustable for height position. There is no ARB. The hubs are full alloy units. The handbrake has mandatory secondary wire cables attached to the rear callipers.

The gearbox is the later Getrag Full DTV Works box with stronger centre casing – this is a direct top box and has the Dog Change Homologated kit in it too – clutch less, bar pulling away from the line. The box is the dog-leg 5 Speed Works one. The box is attached via spacer plate to the bell housing with a DTV plate, allowing 4 bolt box release for full quick change.
The engine was fully rebuilt with all new components for first running in early 2011. It is the full works engine, sitting at the further inclined angle compared to normal cars – these are known as 35 degree engines, as they sit at 35 degrees from the vertical instead of the standard 45 degrees. All true Works cars have this angle, as it allows for enhanced exhaust extractor positioning and gives a few more BHP too (originally discovered when LHD variants were made for Pentti).

The engine is chassis mounted for rigidity – making it part of the front ends pre-stressed member. The mounts are all the correct full Works DTV type. The engines has everything new in it – full intruder forged pistons, new cams, new valve gear, new rods, new full 2300 Steel Crank. The dry sump pan is a proper Works unit too. The engine has been fully balanced and head gas flowed. It runs via correct twin 48 Dellortos, fed by the correct period DTV sandwich filter Air Box and Cosworth foam. It has a HD high torque starter, HD alternator and high bracket, correct Horizontal dizzy with period electronic ignition (Lucas type), with rev limiter and correct twin coil & ignition pack. The timing is adjustable by full wheel type Vernier’s on both cams.

The inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, engine mounts and bellhousing are all the correct period ones cast for the special 35 degree angles as per DTV specifications. The water system uses a large radiator, with Works ‘submarine’ filler tube and piping system. There is an oil cooler too. The clutch is a correct AP twin-plate 7.25” Works system, which is operated by the DTV hydraulic system and strengthened clutch fork. The clutch plates are brand new.

Outside the rear quarters have the correct Works DTV rubber protective shielding in place. The fuel filler is the relieved square flap type, which is only present on the first few HS Works cars. There is an alloy filler cap inside the exterior flap. The jacking system is the original Works DTV system, where the Bilstein jack goes into reinforced extension tubes in each sill and will lift an entire side of the car at once.

All the paint on the car has been merely tidied up over the years and as with the interior, has been deliberately not over restored, in order to keep the original patina of age. The Castrol colours are hard painted to the car as per original DTV specification. Most of the stickers are period items too. The car runs the correct DTV black recessed light bezels. The car is running correct period Magnesium Minilites – 8J’s with Ford hub pattern as per DTV specification; the tyres are period A2’s.

The screen banner is the original Works type from the day. The rear quarter bumpers are metal, as per the first few Works cars before the fibreglass units were used. The car has twin up/down Works Cibies fitted at the front – these are detachable. The arches and front airdam are all the correct DTV units. The tailgate has an HSR spoiler fitted – it has been like this for over 30 years, so we left it like it! The driver’s door glass does not lower as Jim hit something with it years ago and bent it – propped it with wood internally – so again as part of the patina – we left it like this!

The car is MOT’d and ready to go. It has recently had new discs all round, new pads, new axle bearings, new rear shocks (2nd lot we have put on), oils, etc. etc. The studs and nuts are new too. The half shafts have done less than 100 miles. It has an historic log book from years ago, so if you wanted to use beyond demonstrations with RWGB, Slowly Sideways, etc., you would need to get in date seats & belts, fit a detachable diagonal and twin belt pick-ups. We have not done this as we have not used the car on full events for a few years and we think it would be a pity to alter such an original time warp. It would only need these doing and it could be used in full events if you chose.

The car produces just over 190 ftlb of torque and about 245 BHP – it is a proper rapid machine and gives great results in the right hands. It is welcome anywhere and is a truly unique piece of history and must be one of the most original yet current HS GP Works DTV Chevettes there is. There are only 5 original DTV Works HS cars surviving today. You can probably twist Jim’s arm to give it a blast at demonstration events too, as he usually loves being in the car!

Please contact Stuart Anderson at +44 7989 979890.

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