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Porsche 911 2.3 S/T

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The Repsol Team and the Porsche 911, a Legend in the History of Spanish Rally Driving

Key Features
M491-optioned factory 911 S/T
The only remaining Repsol 911
5 owners from new
Very well documented
Extremely original

In the early 70’s, the two Spanish rally drivers, Eladio Doncel and Alberto Ruiz Gimenez, caused quite a sensation with their twin Porsche 911’s. It all began in 1970, when Repsol, the Spanish oil company decided to train up a motor racing team. In so doing, Repsol became the first Spanish concern to sponsor motorsport. The rally driver, Elradio Doncel, became the director of the racing team, with a generous budget of over 8 Million Pesetas. The Repsol Team was the first professionally organised racing team in Spain.

The races were intended for the Porsche. For this reason, Ben Heiderich, Spain’s Porsche importer at the time, was commissioned by Porsche Deutschland to order two identically constructed Porsche 911 ST 2,3 Group 4’s. Eladio Doncel went to Stuttgart in 1970, to collect the cars in person and brought them back to Spain. The cars were imported to Spain with the customs license plates 482-Z-9869/ FIN 9110301151 and 428-Z-9743/ FIN9110301149 respectively. Both cars were completely identical in their construction, and were built by Porsche for the “servicio de competicion”, in other words for racing. Both cars were embellished with Repsol’s logo of a white “R” on a blue background.

It was mainly Eladio Doncel and Alberto Ruiz Gimenez with their respective copilots, who took part in various Spanish rallies with the two Porsches. In the same year (1970) they succeeded in entering the current racing season. Doncel and Gimenez clearly dominated the Spanish Championships, with Alberto Ruiz Gimenez winning the Championship and becoming “Campeon de Espana de Rallyes”, just ahead of Eladio Doncel in second place. In 1971 the Spanish Automobile Association (Federacion Espanola) introduced a bonus point system, to encourage domestic cars. Renault quickly made use of this home advantage, by maintaining second place behind the Repsol Porsches, and with the help of the bonus points, winning many competitions. At the end of the season, Lucas Sainz won the Spanish Championship, thanks to the bonus points. In reality, the Repsol Team had won 14 competitions, with Alberto Ruiz Gimenez alone coming in first on eight occasions.

Eladio Doncel took part in many significant races in 1972. In the Internacional de Oviedo Rally in September 1972, Eladio Doncel had a serious racing accident in his Porsche. The Porsche 911 ST 428-Z-9743 was a completely written off and burnt out. As Ricardo Munoz, secretary of Escuderia Repsol at the time, who had often co-piloted for Doncel confirmed during the inquiries, this car no longer exists. Eladio Doncel and his copilot Antonio G. Mantecon were seriously injured in the accident. After that, Eladio Doncel more or less retired from active motor racing, taking up a position as President of the “Federacion Centro de Automovilismo” until 1981.

In 1972, “El Oso” (the bear), as Alberto Ruiz Gimenez was fondly nick-named, took part in a circuit race, driving an Opel Commodore. His Porsche (428-Z-9869) was taken over by Jose Manuel Lencina, who had on occasion driven the car. Later, Leon de Cos bought and owned the Porsche until a Porsche enthusiast and factory customer, Miguel Lopez Jimenez, acquired the car. Lopez Jimenez had the car newly lacquered and drove it for pleasure. Alberto Ruiz Gimenez died several years ago. His Porsche 911 has been with its’s current owner since early 2015.

Other than carrying several layers of old paint, the car has never been restored and exudes wonderful patina both inside and out. The 911/02 type engine in the car is the original works S/T engine (on Weber carburetors) from the other, written off Repsol 911. It has the C6 Chamshafts, racing Rockers, racing crankshaft, racing double ignition heads with the small plugs, the original 85-bore Chromal cylinder, 46 Weber Carburettor with the high magnesium manifolds and the original double ignition Magnetti Marelli Distributor. All numbers are original and correct including the production number written in wax. The gearbox is the original short-ratio box and a 2nd gearbox comes with the car. The shock absorbers are original KONIs and the underfloor gives testimony of its extensive rally history.

With less than twenty M-491 optioned Porsche 911 S/Ts having been built, this exceptionally original example has only had 5 owners from new and comes with a complete J. Barth inspection report.

It is a very nice driver which has been used sparingly by its current owner and which would be a prominent item in any discerning Porsche collection where it is ready to be driven and admired.

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