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Newest Classifieds in  National Category Rally Cars

DARRIAN T90 GTR 348bhp
 : 12 |   : 0

2017 built DARRIAN T90 GTR that has only done 400 Kms from BRAND NEW Fitted with KGP Honda engine producing 348 bhp Sadev transverse gearbox 6 speed sequential Reiger dampers Big brakes on 18 inch wheels Built with no expense spared and no corners cut Needs to be seen and driven 10 tarmac wheels in total May part ex if your car is...

£95,000 GBP

 ESCORT Mk2 Group 4 Rally Car
 : 7 |   : 0

Escort Mk 2 Group 4rally car with 2.0 litre Vauxhall rally engine giving 260 bhp Steel rods and new 45 Weber’s (zero stage miles) 5 speed Tran X gearbox Fully floating Atlas twin taper Group 4 axle with 4.6 ZF LSD 6 linked with Watts linkage Group 4 shell with weld in cage, cross door bars +15" tubs Alloy a...

£35,000 GBP

Ford Escort 2.0 2D Rally Car
 : 15 |   : 1

Ford Escort 2.0 2D Rally Car National group rally car. Inspected (MOT/TUV) June 2019. Registration papers are showing it as a 2.0l This would be an ideal car for some track day fun and to take to some local stage events, or just to be used as a daily driver. Bodywork: The bodywork looks nice and original with good gaps, from what...

€9,999 EUR

Escort Mk2 Modern spec with 2.4 Vauxhall XE
 : 8 |   : 0

Escort Mk2 Modern spec with all steel 2.4 Vauxhall XE and Tractive 6 speed sequential dog box with flatshift Very clean fabricated shell with full weld in rollcage through to turrets 6 linked , turreted with 15” tubs Jenvey throttle bodies Dry sumped MBE management Fully floating Atlas axle with Zf LSD Reiger dampers front and r...

£44,999 GBP

Modern Spec Sunbeam
 : 7 |   : 0

Ultimate Modern Spec Sunbeam Fully Fabbed stitch welded shell with modern spec weld in rollcage 15” tubs 280 bhp all steel fuel injection Vauxhall XE (2.0 Litre) Tractive six speed sequential gearbox with flatshift Fully floating atlas axle , Zf lsd Watts linkage , 5 linked 15” wheels, Group 4 hubs Electric power ste...

£36,500 GBP

Ford Fiesta R200 (Ex DMACK M-Sport)
 : 10 |   : 0

Ford Fiesta R200 Ex M-Sport DMACK Car Engine: 750km Gearbox: 250km Tarmac Suspension: 320km Gravel Suspension: 250km Driveshafts: 250km since revision Front Hubs and Bearings: 250km Rear Bearings: 250km TCA Bearings: 250km Front Brake Discs (Tarmac): 0km Front Brake Discs (Gravel): 250km ...

€39,500 EUR

Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Sport
 : 12 |   : 0

A GENUINE 1600 SPORT SHELL and log book, well known car competed in the 2017 Wallesy Prom finished 22nd Last out in Anglesey July 18 This is a proper sorted Mk2 built to a very high standard. The brakes are amazing and it pulls like a train. The car was put on the register in July 1991,it comes with an MOT and is tax free . ...

£38,000 GBP

2.5 Litre Millington Engine
 : 1 |   : 0

2.5 Series 2 plus 2 engine, 150 miles from rebuild at Millington engines 348bhp and 254lb ft torque, Complete with starter, alternator, air filter, DTA S60 ECU and loom, 4-3-1 manifold.

£21,500 GBP

Escort Mk1 with 2 litre Duratec / Sadev Sequential
 : 20 |   : 0

C Bradley Motorsport offer for sale on behalf of customer a Group 4 MK1 Escort Bubble arched, mint body shell, wide track, 6 linked, turreted. Proper shell, finished in blue metallic (MATT) Full weld in cage rust free shell. Dunnell 2.0 Duratec 275 BHP (650 MILES) all steel & Fuel injected. Large capacity alloy radiator. ...

€45,000 EUR

Ford Fiesta R2T
 : 8 |   : 0

Ford Fiesta R2T built in 2016 to Tarmac spec from M-Sport kit. Optional extras include, drivers foot tray, roof vent kit, carbon spare wheel tray, trip meter loom and door mount, fuel pressure sensor, uprated brake master cylinder. Engine: 0km new Turbo: 0km new Gearbox: 350km Clutch: 350km ...

€44,000 EUR

Newest Auctions in  National Category Rally Cars

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