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BMW M3 Coupe (Dakargelb -94) / 3.0 S50B30

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BMW M3 Coupe (Dakargelb -94) / 3.0 S50B30

This car completed/ first rally 1/2019, National group F.

More photos on our website:

Car body modification: sand/sodablasted lightly, fully tested and welded when made into race car. Rear wheel housings enlarged, shifted wheelbase and longitudinal support arms due to anchor point change / implementation. Impact towers for extra long absorbers, strike angle adjustable with bolt connection, tool aluminum rear armrests, bearing rear stabilizer + knives in rear wheel cases. Front beam support arm mountings modified / sleeved wide angle uniball joints, hard mounting bolts / longer front support arms for extra long absorber for reconciliation. High quality, safe steel roll cage, in accordance with Finnish national regulations, AKK Annex J.

Designed for drivers to sit on very low and near the front edge of the rear seat. Dashboard set slightly normal lower. Steering axle long extension / quick lock, OMP Corsica Super Leggero steering wheel. Heated windshield, UV protect / hardened polycarbonate rear and side windows.

Electrical system:

– Motec M600 engine management – Delta PDM Analog to CAN Module (all functions CAN bus controlled)

– SCS Delta PDM electrical control unit

– AEM CD-5 multifunction display (fully customizable if desired)

– Electronic functions: – data logger, engine data storage when 5000 rpm reached, after this time-based lower lap areas. (all SS kilometers after maintenance stored in the data collection)

– Lambda group 1-3/4-6 cyl. monitoring / alarm

– low temperature engine load limiter – engine overheat alarm

– electric oil pressure monitoring / limit value alarm + mechanical fluid damped auxiliary gauge. Also mecanical meter adjusted.

– charging voltage monitoring / alarm

– proactive condition monitoring of power consuming devices / their secondary alarms. (Vital critical alarms in red text and secondary alerts in yellow, as mentioned below.) Windscreen wiper, driving lights ad extralights in different groups, coils, gasoline pump, interior blower, radiator blower, ignition coils, urinal fluid pump .. At least these ..

– heated windshield

– Stilo WRC intercom

– Multiple USB charging points for your tablet, camera, phone and other personal devices.

– the electrical output of the second exhaust shut-off valve function, “partymode switch”. Can make exhaust noise lower if need temporiraly. This valve unit is not adjusted at the moment, but electrical option is ready.

Suspension/ Brakes:

Reiger 3-way damping. Extra long strike. About + 40mm damper length extended, wheel elastic movement about + 50mm vs. normal Reiger rally E36 suspension. Optional RCV valves in the rear struts (releases the outrigger eg in sharp bumps and jumps), as well as progressive hydrostops in front / rear strokes. Needle-mounted shock absorber spring cups in front.

Perkiömäki Motorsport serviced and rebuilt shimmered (offical Reiger absorber service). Only 168 SS Km were driven after the maintenance. Brakes: Alcon calibers, front Alcon rotors and rear AP-racing rotors, Ferodo 2500 pads, coated steel braided lines, OBP floor pedals, pedalbox +pressure regulator. Girling master cylinders, Tilton handbrake cylinder.


Sellholm, 1,9 ratio. Modified steering pump and oil lines.


GD Transmission 5-speed dogbox. Special version with super strong clutch shaft/ big spore. Alcon 2-plate clutch. Run with this only 35-40 SS km. It is practically new.


BMW 188 with Tractive differential lock, 4,75 ratio. Karpiola billet drive shafts, GKN motorsport wide angle inner CV joints.


S50B30 Euro. Made by Joni Hiipakka, Dragon Racing Team. Driven after maintenance 168 SS km. Wössner, Pauter, Schrick, Bosch, “hämppi”, DRT… Tuned by Asko Kosonen. 394bhp / 392Nm. (date 13.4.2021)

And yes, it is a fast and efficient winner car that is made with high quality.

Sold for personal health reasons.

Video 1 link:

Video 2 link: (co-driver goes “crazy”) This is in the video section on this advert.

This BMW M3 Coupe (Dakar Gelb -94) / 3.0 S50B30 is in Finland and can be shipped worldwide!

phone: Jason Holland (English) 045 602 9441

mail: Joni Hiipakka –

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