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Osella PA6

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We have the pleasure to offer this wonderful 1978 Osella PA6 chassis #010 for sale.

Continuous ownership and excellent in-period race history
No-expense-spared preparation and 100% race-ready
Zero hours BMW M12/7 engine and extensive spares package
Well documented including current FIA HTP
Eligible for all Group 6 races such as Peter Auto CER2 and Le Mans Classic

This car was born as an Osella PA2 in 1974 and then upgraded by Osella during its active racing career to PA3, PA4 and PA6. It has continued ownership from new and has extensive race history with hill-climbs but also Italian Championship and even World Championship races including the Targa Florio in 1975. The car's full ownership and race history is listed further below in the "History" section.

PA6 #010 is in 100% race-ready condition and has been looked after by renown preparer OC Racing Ltd. The current owner has spared no expense in its preparation and has actively campaigned the car since 2016 in Peter Auto's CER2 race series (up to and including 2019) while also having done Le Mans Classic in 2016.

The car has a valid 2014 FIA HTP (valid till 2024) but a new, updated HTP application will come with the car showing its current and period-correct "La Vagabond" livery. The engine is a fresh, zero-hours Wassermann BMW M12/7 while fuel cells, belts and fire system are all current. This is topped up with a very good spares package which includes a complete BMW M12/7 testing engine, several wheelsets, driveshafts, gear ratios, exhaust system and spare nose in addition to miscellaneous running spares. This is hard-to-match from a "value for money" perspective!

This "Vagabond" Osella PA6 is totally ready for the 2020 race season and is eligible for all 2-litre Group 6 races including Peter Auto's CER2 and Le Mans Classic.

Ownership & Race History of Osella PA6/7 #010

Built Date: 1974
Engine: Abarth 2000
Started life as a yellow PA2
First Owner: Jorge de Bagration y de Mukhrani (a prince from Georgia, claimant to the throne of Georgia)

Race History:

Date Race Race# Driver Result

07/04/74 Paul Ricard #16 Bagration 12th
19/05/74 Spanisch SCC Jarama Bagration 1st OA
23/06/74 Trophée der Auvergne #16 Bagration DNF
Clermont-Ferrant (entered by Escuderia Montjuich) -

European Sportscar Championship - Euro 2000

21/07/74 Trophèe Etienne Aigner #41 Bagration 6th OA
5th OA European Sportscar Championship (entered by Escuderia Montjuich Tergal)
22/09/74 GP Mugello #5 Bagration 21st OA

European Sportscar Championship - Euro 2000

Converted to PA3 #021 and sold to Nosta

Renumbered to PA3 #038 and re-engined with BMW engine.

Sold to: Bilotti, Carlo

18/05/75 1000km Pergusa #25 Bilotti/Pettiti DNF

Re-engined with BMW 2-liter engine

05/75 Ponte Corace-Tiriolo #8 Bilotti 5th OA
06/07/75 Trento Bondone #82 Anzeloni 10th OA, 7th IC
20/07/75 Targa Florio #6 Bilotti/Pasquale Barberio 32nd OA, 9th IC

1975: Sold to: Anzeloni. Giovanni Converted to PA4

10/08/75 Coppa Citta di Enna Anzeloni 8th OA
31/08/75 Varano #331 Anzeloni
5-26/10/75 Trofeo Itavia #718 Anzeloni
?/?/75 Sillano-Ospedalleto #144 Anzeloni
28/03/76 Varano #221 Anzeloni 1st OA
04/04/76 Varano #231 Anzeloni 1st OA
25/04/76 Monza 4 Hours #26 Anzeloni/”Pooky” DNF (engine)
07/05/76 Varano #2 Anzeloni
16/05/76 Varano #261 Anzeloni 1st OA
23/05/76 500km Imola #33 Anzeloni/Dini, Spartaco 13th OA
30/05/76 Varano #348 Anzeloni 3rd OA
20/06/76 Magione #39 Anzeloni 1st OA
15/08/76 Santamonica, Misano #29 Anzeloni 3rd OA
29/08/76 Varano #291 Anzeloni 9th OA
19/09/76 Vallelunga Autodromo #53 Anzeloni 2nd OA
03/10/76 Varano #411 Anzeloni

1977 Sold to Pier Ugo Prati

01/05/77 Varano Prati 9th OA, 6th IC

1978 modified to PA6 and re-renumbered to #010
? sold to Jean Blaton

13/02/05 Artcurial – Briest – Poulain Le Fur Auction. Sold for 34.549,00€
2013 Offered for sale by Art & Revs
2013 Sold to Neil Primrose
2013/2014 CER2
2015 Sold to the current owner

2016-2019 Peter Auto CER2 races & Le Mans Classic

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25 Sep 2013

Schoten, 2900

Phone: +32 475 422790

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