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Mitsubishi Evo Tommi Makinen Edition

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Advert Began: Jun 10, 2020, 15:42
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The biggest iconic car of modern day rallying back in the late 90’s
2000 Mitubishi Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition with only 51000 miles covered.

The only iconic colour in an Evo VI Tommi Makinen edition is RED. No other colour comes close. Mitsubishi won no fewer then 4 x world championships with Rally legand Tommi Makinen at the wheel of the Mitubishi Lancer VI. Mitsubishi built a limited amount,

Launched in 1999, the Tommi Makinen Edition, or TME for short, was a limited run of 2500 cars built from the Evo VI to commemorate rally driver Tommi Makinen's four world championships at the wheel of a Mitsubishi Lancer.

This car will only go up in value,as they are not been produced anymore & are a very rare car in this iconic colour & the only colour I think personally!
All ticket numbers are emailed in advance of live draw on Facebook live.

Keep an eye on the Facebook for regular updates on ticket sales.
Draw duration is for a maximum of 90 days from original offer starting.

€29.95 Per Ticket
Max Entries 1595


If its a UK winner VRT equivalent cash price will be given with the car.

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