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Victor® VTS700E Extra High Capacity Regulators
 : 8 |   : 0

Victor® Model VTS700E Extra High Capacity Inert Gas Two Stage Regulators MX Input Pressure 3,000 PSIG Offered for sale as a Pair, Condition unknown, but appear to be totally serviceable. Victor® VTS 700 Series Two Stage heavy-duty Inert Gas Regulator offers 10 - 200 PSIG delivery range and is ideal applications that need precise as w...


Servo Test High Speed Damper Dyno
 : 4 |   : 0

5m/s Damper Dyno Servohydraulic Actuator Dynamic force rated 25KN Fully hydroststic bearings on 65mm diameter piston rod. 200mm total working stroke. Integral mounted displacement (LVDT) transducer. Integral mounted velocity (LVT) transducer. Single 3-stage servovalve rated at 500 L/min Single 2-stage servovalve rated at 38 L/min Switch...

£10,000 GBP

Hunter DSP600 Wheel alignment machine
 : 5 |   : 0

Excellent condition with turntables and wall mounting bracket. Only item missing is the wheel clamps for the sensors as we used special wheels to mount the sensors.

£2,500 GBP

ATL Fuel Churn RE103-2 and Probe
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ATL Fuel Churn RE103-2 and Standard ATL Dry Break probe (11 Gallon) Utility Jug, Super Trick Dump Can, 11 gal, 12 in Diameter, 32 in Tall, Shoulder Indent, Vented, Round, Plastic, Red As commonly used in USA Motorsport

£425 GBP

ATL Dry Break Refuelling Valve and Handle
 : 4 |   : 0

ATL Dry Break Refuelling Valve and Handle. 2.25 in. Valve Neck Diameter Offered for sale complete with handle, tube and fuel line connection ATL dry break redhead valves offer a safe and effective method for refueling. They connect to the dump can, vent bottle or overhead rig. These valves are designed to prevent fluid loss and feature a...

£225 GBP

Paoli DP2000S 1" Wheel Nut Gun (L/H)
 : 7 |   : 0

DP-2000-S Wheel Gun. Excellent condition, not covered in scrapes and grazes. Offered for sale as the Team have upgraded. The Fast Right Hand version (Black) loosens nuts tightened clockwise faster. Capable Of Loosening/Tightening In Under 1 Second Range Used In F1, GP2 And F3000 Race Series’ DP-2000-S Wheel Gun has been used in ...

£795 O.N.O.

B-G Racing Hubstands (Set of 4) with Toe Rods and
 : 9 |   : 0

B-G RACING - HUBSTANDS allow accurate chassis adjustment eliminating the variances that may be present when wheels and tyres are fitted. These are complete with option of B-G RACING - HUBSTANDS TOE STUBS EXTENSIONS PLUS Toe set up rods as shown in the photos. The Toe Stubs Extension Plates are designed to elevate the Toe Sticks off the face of the...


Longacre Ride Height Tool
 : 8 |   : 0

Longacre Ride height measurement tool for easy and simple ride height measurement and adjustment. Can be used in 3 different ways: Car on the ground - measures chassis height directly, accurate to 1.5mm. Car on scale pads - measures from top of pads - ground level - to frame directly. Measures chassis height dynamically, as you work on the...

£85 GBP

Pit Signalling Boards, 2 Alloy and 2 Carbon Fibre
 : 4 |   : 0

Two lightweight Pit Signalling Boards that will hold 4 rows of letters and numbers 230mm high Plus two Carbon Fibre Driver signal boards for use during a pit stop These are 750mm wide x 1050mm high To be sold as one lot, 4 boards in total Listed for sale elsewhere, may be removed at any time. Who are we? Msport Sales Ltd is a...

£180 GBP

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