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Benetton B191 OZ Formula 1 Wheel Set
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Benetton B191 OZ Formula One Wheel Set 2 x Front & 2 x Rear Rims These wheels appear to be either brand new, or beautifully refurbished, they show no signs of even having tyres mounted on them, and there are no valve stems or wheel weights fitted. There are some minute storage marks (they have been in storage for many years) as shown in the...

£1,895 GBP

MRF Tyres Roger Albert Clark (RAC) Deals.
 : 3 |   : 0

Competing on the RAC (Roger Albert Clark) Rally? If so get in touch for MRF tyre deals. MRF will be providing on event tyre-fitting service throughout the rally. Available in the following sizes. ZG2 205/65-15 ZDM3 195/70-15 195/65-15 185/65-15 175/70-15 185/60-14 185/70-13 175/70-13 ...


New Rally Tyres
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For sale rally tyres in stock or single pcs… new never used 1 x new Pirelli PZERO RX7 225 650 18 50 euro 1 x new a11 BF GOODRICH 225 40 18 50 euro 2 new 2 good A31 BF GOODRICH 225 40 18 150 euro 2 x good used ADVAN A006T 210 650 18 100 euro 2 x new ADVAN A035 185 65 15 150 euro 2 x new pirelli PZERO K6 195 65 15 150 euro 3 new 1 used BF G...

£40 GBP

A1GP Front Wheels
 : 1 |   : 0

Brand new, genuine A1GP front wheels, purchased directly from Lola and still boxes. Only 2 remaining, there are very few opportunities to purchase A1GP wheels, particularly in this condition and at a fraction of original price. Other A1GP parts available from stock including bodywork, hubs and Xtrac gearbox parts, all brand new and purchased...

£375 GBP

Honda NSX GT500 Magnesium Wheels (Gold or Silver)
 : 3 |   : 0

Genuine original centrelock magnesium wheels from the legendary works DOME Super GT Honda NSX GT500 cars of Gran Turismo fame. Various condition front and rear wheels available, with pricing to match. Condition 1 (Damaged) - Front £75, Rear £85 Condition 2 (Poor) - Front £100, Rear £110 Condition 3 (Good) Front £125, Rear £135 ...

£75 GBP

Honda HSV GT500 Wheels (Rays Silver)
 : 3 |   : 0

Genuine original RAYS centrelock wheels from the legendary works DOME Super GT Honda HSV-010 GT500 cars. Made in super lightweight aluminium, these are almost as light as the magnesium equivalent used in the earlier NSX GT500 (also available) but with the increased strength properties afforded by aluminium. Various condition front and rear...

£75 GBP

Lola T97/30 Mastercard F1 O.Z. Wheel (New)
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Lola Mastercard Formula 1 wheels. Brand new O.Z. magnesium wheels, originally commissioned by Lola for the famous T97/30 used in the 1997 Formula 1 season. Multiple sets of rear wheels in stock. Front wheels also available - please see other advert. Brand new spares never used during the programme, purchased directly from Lola....

£175 GBP

Lola B05/52 A1 GP - Almost All Parts Available
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We have just taken delivery of all remaining new Lola inventory, including thousands of brand new components for almost all Lola racing cars made after 1990. Many parts are available for the Lola B05/52. Our inventory is currently undergoing organisation and cataloging. Please contact us if you would like to be kept informed of available...

£0 GBP

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