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Subaru Performance/Competition Parts RCM/Borg Warner/Xtreme/Fuelab/Bosch ETC

£14,500 GBP


Full kit of V3/4 Subaru 800+BHP parts

Corse Veloce Inlet Manifold
Custom TGV V3/4 billets bodies with fuel rails and 2200cc Bosch Motorsport injectors (specced for E85)
Bare V3/4 STI heads with cam caps
GT Motorsport (Graham Sweet) Race cams
JEK FULL exhaust kit, 321 manifold and down pipe specced for fresh air antilag, 3.5 ” full ss custom system
Borg Warner EFR9274 Twinscroll A/R 1.05 Turbine Housing with speed sensor
Turbosmart EWG45 Electronic wastegate and ALS40 anitlag valve
Xtreme 184mm  twin ceramic plate clutch rated at 1200nm (in storage, can get pics soon)
Fuelabs 500lph Digital fuel pump in surge tank with fuel filter

All of this was specced for a high compression build aiming at 900bhp

Cost me £20k+ for all of the above, looking for £14,500 for the lot. Will split parts.

I also had the CAD files available for the TGV bodies.

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by PaulWheeler555
Published: 10 June 2024 (1 month ago)
£14,500 GBP
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