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Krontec Air Jack Connector Valve LL-16PLUS Adjustable Collar And Push Button

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Krontec Air Jack Connector Valve LL-16PLUS Adjustable Collar And Push Button

Used and in excellent condition, the price listed is for one unit

Please note the item offered is the Plus version

The Krontec Air Jack Connector Valves provide a quick and easy solution to connect external air supplies with vehicle air jack systems.

The Connector Valves are available in a range of types for individual requirements however each features a -6 JIC male fitting to allow easier fitment to the air jack plumbing system. Each valve in the range has been designed to operate with the Krontec Easy Push Air Jack Lance (available separately).

Four options are available:

  • LL-12 – Holds air in the Air Jack System as long as the lance is connected, once lance is removed, air system can vent. Length: 60mm, Weight: 55grams
  • LL-13 – Equipped with a stop valve for manual holding and venting of the system. Length: 81mm Weight: 100grams
  • LL-16 – Remains closed after disconnection of lance, system is manually adjusted by simply moving the ‘collar’. Length: 86mm Weight: 60grams
  • LL-16PLUS – Similar in operation to the LL-16 but also includes a push button to vent the system through the valve exactly, providing controlled and gradual height reduction. Length: 86mm Weight: 62grams

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