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Mazda 323 GTR 4WD

€19,900 EUR


Mazda 323 GTR 4WD

Imported from Germany to Finland in 2007, current owner has owned it since 2014.

The current owner has maintained it well during his ownership, this includes the renewal of many parts.

  • Front and rear brakes.
  • Fuel tank, rare item due to the 4WD system.
  • Battery.
  • Alternator.
  • Performance clutch.
  • Rear differential rebuilt with new parts.
  • Drive shafts rubbers.
  • Rear dampers.

Engine has been rebuilt due to the previous owner running it without correct fuel / air mixture, this partially harmed the motor and valves. Rebuild included new pistons and valves.

This is a nice original example that has not been modified or tuned.

Please let me know if you require any more information or photos.

This Mazda 323 GTR 4WD can be shipped worldwide!

Message from Koskin Import:

This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, I have not personally seen this car and am advertising it on behalf of the owner using their description and photos. We can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc.

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by Koskin
Published: 2 February 2023 (2 months ago)
€19,900 EUR
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15 Mar 2015
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