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McLaren M8F #72/09 John Cannon Can-Am. Amazing car!

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This is the Cannon Commander Motorhomes car restored by Robin Automotive as a “No-expense-spared” build.  NONE FINER! Owner took the car out to a private track to test in January with a new set of Avon’s, and the car ran perfect. This is a highly worked and well-sorted podium finishing “on-the-button” car! Yes…on-the-button…period.

This was sold to our client by John’s son Mike; pictured above. This was an exceptional restoration by Tony Nicholson. This chassis is among a very small group of tier 1 restorations, as nice as the Hulme/McLaren papaya cars, our Alan Mann Open Sports Ford package, and a few others…….here is a bit of info;


**The roll hoop is Denny Hulmes and is titanium.

**The valve covers are the real deal magnesium McLaren valve covers.

**Engine is 540 cu in.   11.0:1 compression.   Period correct ZL-1 heads, not the cheater heads.   Dyno :   868HP at 6,500   750 ft lbs torque.

**Tub is the Trojan tub…..1973.   Proof is the wall thickness and the rivets….

**Commander put M20 parts on this car, the uprights are M20.  Rims are M20 and I had to have them custom made.

**Shocks are Konis and are correct as are the brakes on this car.

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