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£175,000 GBP



Rally Sport Quattro, Sport Quattro S1 or even a full blown Pikes Peak. Any colour any spec.


Road Sport Quattro,

We use high quality parts to achieve the best results.

Car will look original with all the right parts.


Rally Sport Quattro

Fully caged with all the right parts to make it look like an original rally Sport. With carbon Kevlar panels.


Audi Sport Quattro S1

Full blown big arched S1 Quattro

Fully fitted historic cage, Kevlar panels.

Built using all the best parts as of today.


Pike Peak S1

Fully fitted Pikes peak cage with lower middle hoop. Naca roof vent for rear water and oil cooling. Carbon Kevlar panels.

All S1’s are built on our proper swb jig.

Paint work is also done in our professional in house Dalby Spray booth.

All cars comes with forged 2.2 20v engines with the same looks as original cars. Exterior and interior built to original spec.

All parts used are brand new or reconditioned.

These cars are built using the Audi Quattro and the 2 door 80 sedan for the windscreen angle.

Rust free Chassis’s are in stock.

The deposit price to secure your booking is £35,000

Build will take 1.5 year until completion.

We have studied these cars with the most immense level of research travelling to over 15 countries in the world to get parts and also receiving knowledge from ex factory works mechanics.

Take a look at our builds and that will give you an idea of the level of work we do.

All built in the UK with no Customs charges.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss further.


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by Jamie Small
Published: 28 February 2023 (3 weeks ago)
£175,000 GBP
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