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Hannu Mikkola 1986 Rally Monte Carlo S1 E2



Here we have the most incredible Audi S1 E2 Sport Quattro built using original ex factory parts making this S1 the closest you can get to a factory car in the world.

Built to this stage has taken over 12 years with sourcing original parts from UK to the whole of Scandinavia across more or less all countries in Europe and from South Africa Motorsport and as far as America.

There was only 20 original factory cars made with 2 of which have been dismantled.

This S1 for sale is an exact rebuild with factory parts of one of those that was dismantled which is car number 014 Hannu Mikkola`s. MonteCarlo S1.

This S1 has been built to the original 250 page  Audi Sport Build manual.

This is a piece of Motorsport history built with all these special parts and is on another level with all the original parts having history and a story to tell with each part from the cars they were originally from.

Here are a few examples.

Hannu Mikkola`s 1000 Lakes Magnesium rear diff and 6 speed gearbox,

Walter Röhrl’s original bonnet.

Walter Röhrl`s original complete dash.

Arnie Hertz`s co-driver original seat

Hannu Mikkola mirrors and rear screen, signed by Armin Schwarz.

Hannu Mikkola`s/Stig Blomqvist/Harald Demuths/Tom Hammonds panels.

Michéle Moutons Pikes Peak KKK turbo.

Roof signed by David Llewellin.

This car has had help and involvements with ex factory mechanics,ex Rallycross champions that owned ex works cars.

Fitted with an original S1 aluminium block and a works cylinder head with original S1 dry sump,original magnesium engine cover,original Inconel header, original polygon KKK , original wastegates, original umluft system,original super rare steering servo that drives the S1 magnesium quick rack and the original rear pump in the boot which operates the rear alternator.original S1 drive shafts and prop shaft,original S1 subframes, original, lower arms, original magnesium Alcon brakes original floating disc`s, original aluminium gravel legs, original magnesium Speedline wheels,original magnesium wheel nuts,original S1 top mounts,original,brake cooling fans,original trailing arms,original gearbox mount,original engine mounts,original glass all round,original water C pillar tank,original boot and rear quarter vents,original coolers,original Matter battery tray,original twin pumps with brackets,original dry sump tank. original Kessel radiator retaining bar, original radiator water cooler spray bar,original Matter visors, Visors signed by Hannu Mikkola and one signed by Arnie Hertz,original shifter, pedals, collapsible S1 column,original Matter heel plates and foot rest,original S1 fire extinguisher. The list of original parts goes on.
There are so many special original parts fitted to this car.ex Rallycross S1 owners have confirmed that this S1 has more original parts on than some original S1`s,

Included with the sale is the largest original S1 spares package ever to be included with one of these Group B Monsters, there are enough original parts to build another nice S1 that would be worth a minimum of 450k, when basic S1`S with no original parts sell now a days for 300k.

Short list

12 original S1 Speedlines, 8 magnesium BBS, 4 S1 shafts, magnesium gearbox, rear S1 diff, 7 original S1 legs,  Alcon and AP brakes, original S1 panels, Kevlar S1 air pipe and all sorts of other original Kevlar parts.

With there being only 18 original S1`s left in existence there might not be another original S1 on the market for at least 20 years. This S1 E2 is the closest car in the world to an original with all these ex factory parts and the chassis build identical to a Works car with even some steels off of one of the original cars welded to it.

Original Hannu Mikkola race suit and a signed HB International signed cap by both Hannu Mikkola & Arnie Hertz , a VW LT HB Team van and a 250 page Audi S1 E2 original Audi Sport Build  manual will be included with the sale.

It would be impossible to find these original Audi Sport parts for sale anywhere in the world again. The boat has left the dock and no amount of money would be able to buy these in this quantity ever again.

Currently the car is being finished off and the price will be added once completed.

If you have any questions in the meantime send me your enquiry.

Serious inquiries only.

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by Jamie Small
Published: 13 March 2023 (7 days ago)
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