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BIG SPEC Honda Civic EG Rally Car

€17,500 EUR


DYNO Miles Only
Fully built B16A on Throttle Bodies
Wiseco Forged Pistons & Rods
All new shells & Bearings
Type R Head Ported & Polished
New Skunk2 Pro2 Cams

Titanium springs  & retainers
New Richie Cullinane 4 Branch Manifold
Stainless Exhaust
New coilpack
New Omex 600 ecu
Custom Engine & Interior Loom
Brand new 4 Paddle Clutch & Pressure Plate

Proflex all around Recently rebuilt by Cathal Hogan(have receipts)
New Heated Windscreen (Needs wiring)
C2R2 Heater Box
DC2 Type R Quickrack & Howe Stealth Steering Quickner . 1.3 turns L2L
Full Weld in Cage with extra bars out to struts
Race Battery
Eccentric Front Caster Bushers
Sump & Tank Guard
High Pressure Fuel Pump

Fully Poly Bushed

Fully Adjustable Arms F&R
Comes on 4 refurbished Compomotives with 4 Brand New Kumho Slicks

Group A Hewland 5-Speed Dog Box with KAAZ plated LSD. Ratios 1st – 2.75, 2nd – 2.27, 3rd – 1.76, 4th – 1.4, 5th – 1.09. Final Drive 5.345. Box and Diff Stripped and completely rebuilt with a lot of new parts fitted. UPGRADED gear selector unit assembly with a new modified one from speed factory at a cost of €500. This unit has the modified frame and the upgraded shift arm. Also going with the car is a spare gear kit with some good parts and selector arms. Car has BRAND New heavy duty shafts just fitted.

Standard Brakes with Carbon Lorraine Pads all around. Castrol SRF Fluid. Option to buy with Brembo 4POT 300mm Kit.


Car needs:
Wiring Tidied up
Paint Tidied up inside
Seats Fitted

Genuine Reason for sale: 6”3 and my head is hitting the roof.

Can deliver to the ferry if negotiated.

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by Lorcan
Published: 28 December 2022 (1 month ago)
€17,500 EUR
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03 Jul 2022
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