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Renault Clio 197 Cup Mk3 Stage Rally Car

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Renault Clio 197 Cup Mk3 Stage Rally Car

Equipped with high-quality components throughout and has been maintained and built with great care at great cost. It features all the necessary R3 / X85 parts and generates a confirmed 250 horsepower.

We are selling the car as a project due to the Sadev gearbox requiring repair or replacement, which is factored into the price.

Full specification available, extensive spares package including over 20 wheels and new unused parts is available by negotiation.

  • Engine
    • 250hp forged (rods / pistons etc) competition engine by Rentune based upon Pure Motorsport 240 kit
    • 20 stage miles since new head and full strip-down refresh
    • Schrick 288 / 288 Cam Shafts
    • AT Power ITBs with electronic throttle control
    • 4 x individual cylinder EGT sensors
    • Pure Motorsport exhaust manifold heat wrapped by Thermomet
  • Suspension / Chassis
    • Full Clio Cup X85 front end with wider front track etc
    • Renault Sport R3 solid subframe, R3 sump guard & R3 radiator support
    • Pure Motorsport rear beam kit with spherical bearings
    • Renault Sport R3 Bilstien Access Suspension
  • Brakes
    • PFC 330mm / DS.UNO front brakes (76 stage miles)
    • PMS / Tilton bias brake pedal box with adjuster
    • Tilton individual brake cylinders front / rear
    • Hydraulic handbrake with Tilton cylinder (pull up cable handbrake retained)
  • Electrics
    • MaxxECU RACE ECU
    • ECU Master PMU-16
    • ECU Master ADU 5 inch display and shroud
    • ECU Master “Giant” Gear Display
    • ECU Master EGT to CAN interface
    • ECU Master Lambda to CAN and Bosch lambda probe
    • ECU Master Wheel Speed to CAN module
    • ECU Master GPS to CAN module
    • ECU Master 8 Button Keypad drivers side
    • ECU Master 6 Button Keypad co-drivers side
  • Interior
    • MSA Full Safety Devices Renault Clio Mk3 specific cage R019. 14-point multi-point bolt-in roll cage with cross roof diagonal, cross diagonal and cross door bars. All parts 45mm CDS. (blue)
    • Lifeline Zero 360 Electric Fire Extinguisher 3.0kg (in date)
    • Lifeline Zero 360 2.0kg Hand Held (in date)
    • Sabelt X-Pad fibreglass drivers seat (in date)
    • Cobra Evolution Profit GT size fibreglass seat co-driver (in date)
    • Stilo DG-10 intercom system with Bluetooth
  • Bodywork / Other
    • Ricky Evans heated front screen
    • Polycarb windows all round
    • Fibreglass lightweight boot

The sale includes all the Sadev ST-75 gearbox parts including gearbox, shifter, rod with built in load cell for flat shift, ungraded gear POT, Tilton Cylinder, TTV Twin-Plate Race Clutch with Nitrided splines etc. Buyer will need to recommission.

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by LucyW
Published: 1 March 2023 (3 weeks ago)
£24,950 GBP
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