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Ford Fiesta R2T 2015

£30,850 GBP


Ford Fiesta R2T 2015

Engine – 1200kms from brand new
Gearbox – 540kms since rebuild
Driveshafts – 140 Kms from brand new
Turbo – 140kms from brand new

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price reduced

£30850 sterling for complete package in description, complete spares package and gravel kit.


Championship winning car / junior British academy trophy cup 2022 / Motorsport Ireland Duel surface 2022

15x tarmac wheels
6x gravel wheels

gravel kit
4x short used shafts
2x long uses shafts
1x spare carrier shaft
1x Brand new rear axle, complete with hubs
1x used axle
1x exhaust down pipe
Full set of new hose clips +
3x used turbos, all working perfect,
1x Starter
1x altanoter
2x hubs
2x bottom wishbones complete with new joints
drop links
1x anti roll bar
1x complete flywheel with clutch plate (used) still in good shape
spare clutches used
sets of used tarmac front discs –
sets of used rear discs
sets of used gravel discs
used pads
new front radiator
Lamp pod
2x front windows
Side window
2x sets of front lights


2x LHS wings
2x rear spoilers
1x boot lid
2x sets of side skirts –
4x front bumpers (2x painted blue) –
2x read bumpers (blue) –
1x set of rear tail lights

Any more questions please ring me.
No time wasters.

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by kylemcbride
Published: 26 February 2023 (3 weeks ago)
£30,850 GBP
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