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Metro 6R4 Clubman

£175,000 GBP


Here we have for sale a Metro 6R4 Clubman.  This car is one of the 20 “Lightweight” versions mocked up by Austin Rover to look like a Metro 6r4 Evolution model in time for the FISA inspection for GpB homologation in late October 1985 (there has been some chatter on Facebook regarding what constitutes a “Lightweight” version.

A LW shell has holes drilled into the body to reduce weight, it is not just the Kevlar panels). Since then it’s just sat around (in various lockups/garages) until it had a “money no object restoration” a few years ago back to “new”. The restoration was meticulously carried out and included stripping all major components to check them (and only check them as they had never been used ie no wear at all with pics to prove) and a new V64V engine purchased to finish the car off. There is a stick with many many pics on it showing the car sat in garages prior to the restoration and then the restoration itself along with a recent MOT and various letters proving its provenance/authenticity.

The car can be supplied with 16″ Dymag wheels with new Pirelli tyres for Tarmac or a set of  Dymag rims with (rare) brand new TRX forest tyres, which ever suits you.

Because of one or two requests, some pictures have been added with its 16″ Dymags on although the suspension height is still at forest settings.

I have been asked how to register it with a DVLA logbook and is straight forward using a V55 which is supplied with the car along with its MOT but that is up to the new owner to decide but in my opinion the fact it is still unregistered/brand new makes it an even rarer 6r4. Think of it as a blank canvas to produce either a rally car, a Rothmans/Computervision etc replica or keep it as it is and put it in a collection.

I may consider a p/x if it helps but nothing too expensive. Viewing is advised/recommended, but it is of collector quality having never been used in its life, it is effectively “Brand New”.

Ring 07827298232 to discuss.

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by Ash
Published: 9 August 2023 (1 month ago)
£175,000 GBP
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