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VW Polo R5 and Spares Package

€195,000 EUR


For sale, excellent condition VW Polo R5, chassis number W09598202LHV16008 (chassis 061).

The car is located in New Zealand and is currently in gravel specification.

Car has been in New Zealand since May 2022 and has completed 8 events in NZ (1,500km). The car has been maintained by Paddon Racing Group, along with all lifing and maintenance schedules followed. Car is ready to rally.

External to the major components which have done 1500km (engine, suspension), the turbo has done 700km, and the gearbox and diffs were checked 500km ago. Driveshafts 500km— A comprehensive lifing schedule will be provided with the car.

Good spare package available (50k euros worth)

Spares include
– Complete gearbox (rebuilt)
– Rear differential (rebuilt)
– Diff unlocker
– Dampers
– most suspension arms
– radiator and intercooler
– 16x gravel wheels
– 4x tarmac wheels
– engine sensors
– wheel bearings
– 2x front bumpers, 2x rear bumpers, 2x front guards
– Underbody protection
– Fuel filters and pumps
– Turbo (800km)
– Coils and plugs
– Clutch (1,200km)

Includes car (chassis 061), spares (50k euro worth). Shipping, taxes not included.

For further information or enquiries, email [email protected]

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by Paddon Racing Group
Published: 8 July 2024 (1 week ago)
€195,000 EUR
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16 Jul 2023
Cromwell, New Zealand
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+64 27 318 1748
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