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Renault 5 GT Turbo Coupé Historic Touring Car

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Renault 5 GT Turbo Coupé Historic Touring Car – A very well-respected and highly competitive ‘Touring Car’ owned and campaigned for 30 years by one of the best in the business, Prima Racing.

During the mid-1980s, the tenacious little Renault 5 GT Turbo was utilised for racing for with great effect. In the 1990s, Renault specialists Prima Racing started racing in the Harlow race series for the cars that had previously competed in the Renault Cup Series. The latter was disbanded after a couple of years and ended up as BRSCC’s Super Coupe Cup race series with a variety of marques competing together.

At this time, Prima Racing ‘rented out’ their own car, so this example was bought from fellow Renault experts Mark Fish Motorsport. It was originally a Radbourne Racing Cup Car, being supplied by Renault in 1986 and badged ‘Coupé’ (only the actual race cars were badged as such and were not road-registered). Prima Racing’s Tony Hart then competed in the car quite successfully with several race wins and fastest laps. The car was then ‘rented out’ to another driver for its last two seasons before, in 2004, Prima sold it to be used in sprinting/hill-climbing. It then changed hands again to another sprint racer before being acquired by Luke Wos (of WOSPerformance) who turned it back into a race car and used it for Future Classics 40-minute races, which were organised by his father. In 2015, in conversation with Luke, Tony bought the R5 back.

Around this time, Tony was working with INRacing who specialise in historic cars, and he was subsequently drawn to the Legends series. He entered the car for the 2015 Portimão race in the October and the rest is history – winning the ‘Group A’ class at the first attempt! Over the winter, the car was upgraded to full Group A specification and run in the MRL Historic Touring Car series until 2020, its last race at Silverstone, having notched up a Class win at Donnington. The very capable car achieved several Class wins in this series, as well as an Annual Class win. Tony shared the driving duties with Will Nuthall from INRacing, proving a very capable pairing in a well sorted car.

Further developed over its time in Legends, to where it is now, this plucky R5 it is now ready to go racing again.

Specification summary:

  • Original bodyshell, finished in Renault Works colours (fitted with a rare, heated windscreen)
  • Safety Devices roll-cage with additional driver’s door bar for safety
  • Originally, for 1-hour race, it utilised an auxiliary fuel tank, but now has a fuel cell (Fuel Safe Systems) mounted more centrally; fuel is supplied by pumps and filters under the car via Aeroquip stainless piping and alloy fittings
  • The dashboard is flocked and reveals a competition instrument panel, with separate fuse boards and competition engine wiring loom
  • A mappable engine management is used for the ignition system
  • Corbeau race seat, QSP 6-point belts and a Lifeline extinguisher kit (all in-date)
  • Group A 200bhp engine just ‘topped & tailed’ with a fresh map, safe to 7,500rpm; Group A ported cylinder head with stainless valves and titanium collets, multi-layer Group A head gasket, upgraded oil pump, alloy Group A sump, oil cooler and all stainless pipe work (including remote oil filter and alloy fittings), forged steel crankshaft, steel rods, forged standard size pistons (so legal 1397cc), competition engine bearings, steel flywheel and a competition High Torque 6 paddle clutch; Group A carburettor, alloy boost hoses, Group A turbo, stainless steel downpipe and side-exit exhaust system
  • Early steel turbo heatshield modified to a 2-piece and Zircotec heat coated
  • All-alloy special intercooler and large alloy water radiator are also fitted; the turbo has its own self-contained water system and pump
  • Straight cut/’dog’ gearbox (approx. 150 miles use) has a JC5 casing with gripper plate differential, 3,4 final drive and quick-shift lever, new driveshaft
  • Engine and gearbox are mounted on Group A factory-type mountings to a Spanish Group A tubular subframe with tubular rose-jointed wishbones and blade-type roll bar set up
  • Front and rear suspension is Custom Gold with aluminium top mounts
  • Rear axle is Cup-spec with Group A torsion and roll bars
  • Brakes are standard sizes, with heat-treated front discs, served by a bias adjustable pedal box with AP Racing cylinders and Aeroquip hosing with stainless brake fittings
  • 13” wheels (7” front and 6” rear) shod with specially made Avon tyres, a version of their 13” slicks

A very accomplished R5 GT Turbo Coupé Group A Historic Touring car suitable for a variety of classic car racing series.



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