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Toyota Celica Turbo (TA64) Group B

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1984 Toyota Celica Turbo (TA64)

This car competed at Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Eifel Rally 2019, while at the Eifel you get approached by the organisers of other European events such as Rally Legends / Trasmiera Rally and Vosges Rally, all wanting the car at there event due to its rarity in rally’s in those regions through the Group B era.


ENGINE: TTE built 1985 block No. 111 396 Evolution, 2090cc, four-cylinder
BLOCK: TTE forged pistons, TTE lightened rods, TTE dry sump
HEAD: TTE built
INTAKE: Custom air-box, custom intercooler, magnesium plenum chamber
EXHAUST: Stainless-steel 73mm downpipe, 65mm stainless straight-through
TURBO: KKK K27, TTE stainless manifold
FUEL: 83-litre fuel tank, 1.5-litre surge tank, twin Facet high-volume low-pressure pumps, twin Bosch main pumps, Speed flow AN fittings
IGNITION: Eight Nippon Denso ND31 spark plugs, TTE leads
ECU: Life Racing F88RS6 32MB
COOLING: PWR alloy ½ & ½ directional radiator, PWR 14-inch fan
EXTRA: Custom-made oil catch-can, custom-made header tank, brake/clutch reservoirs

GEARBOX: Toyota W57, Lampola five-speed straight-cut gear set (1:1 fifth)
CLUTCH: Alcon twin-plate
FLYWHEEL: TTE lightened
DIFF: Cusco plate limited-slip Toyota G-series eight-inch housing, Endeavour Engineering floating hubs

DIFF RATIO: 1 x 4.6 (205 kph @ 8000 rpm) and 1 x 5.1 (170 kph @ 8000 rpm)

STRUTS: (F) MCA coil overs, 200-pound King springs; (R) MCA coil overs, 150-pound King springs
BRAKES: Adjustable pedal box; (F) Alcon four-pot callipers, 295x28mm two-piece rotors; (R) Alcon four-pot callipers, 295x25mm two-piece rotors; hydraulic handbrake
EXTRA: 15mm front sway bar, adjustable rear sway bar, adjustable four-link, adjustable Panhard.

STEERING: Power assisted 3.1 Ratio

WEIGHT: 1050kg + Driver & Co Driver

WHEELS: (F) 6 x 15×6-inch Minilite, (R) 6 x 15×8-inch Minilite  ( R ) 2 x 15×9-inch Minilite (F&R) 4 x 15×7-inch Minilite (F) 2 x 15×7 – inch Braid (R) 2 x 15x 9-inch Braid
TYRES: Michelin / Toyo / Hoosier /

PAINT: Toyota W55 white by Mills Collision Repair Centre in Hamilton
ENHANCEMENTS: TTE Group B body kit, Marlboro livery.

SEATS: OMP RST, Schroth harnesses
INSTRUMENTATION: Stack gauges / Halda Rally Trip meter

POWER: 246kW / 330 hp Rear wheel (low boost) / 305kW / 409 hp Rear Wheel (high boost)
BOOST: 12psi / 16 psi
FUEL: 100 octane (avgas)

This magazine article also gives a great insight into this stunning car

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