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Sorry for the length of the advert but this is not your average ‘track car’. I can’t take any credit as I purchased the car and have never used it! I am in no rush to sell as once the summer arrives i will try and find the time to use it. Most of the advert is done by the previous owner.

This car was built by a gentleman of an engineering background, along with his Father (Motorsport fabrication background)

Over 13 years of continual improvements has gone into getting it to its current form, best described by him as a ‘simple Mini project that got more and more out of hand’.

Built to an exceptional attention to detail and the history that comes with it (And I mean folders and folders of documents) is another level. Every custom component, or engine/gearbox detail as an example, is documented, with engineering drawings, part numbers, where they were purchased from, and the tolerance it was made too. Every detail is there.

The car can only be described as a weapon, it’s a very raw driving experience, but driven with respect (smooth inputs) you’ll struggle to find the cars limits, being able to corner far faster than you feel you can take it. It gets a huge amount of attention because of this ‘sleeper’ status. As going to a track day, and hanging with 80k+ Radicals, TCR cars, you have a lot of curious Track car owners in your garage wanting to know why it’s so fast.

I will list as much of the cars spec below as possible, however there is nothing to hide about this build, so any of the serious buyers that want to arrange a viewing please do so.



Pipercross cams

Adjustable pulleys

ARP Hardware throughout the engine

All the receipts for seals gaskets and checks/inspections for the last engine refresh

Crank reground

ACL race bearings

New rings gapped accordingly

Crank, rods, pistons and block inspected for defects before build

New genuine oil pump

Cylinder head recently refreshed, with all new valves, re ground seats, guilds, seals, head bolts, headgasket and new cam belt.

Only genuine parts used throughout the engine.

Higher capacity and baffled Sump

Jenvey Throttle bodies and custom cold air intake formed into the headlight position


Gear box:

Vauxhall F20 Casing

Fitted with Quaife straight cut gearset.

Still a syncro mesh style gearbox (Due to the amount of laps this car can do, you would wear a dog box style shift gearbox out very quickly, the syncro mesh style shifts maybe a fraction slower, however has much more longevity)

Quaife shifter, and shift assembly

High-capacity gearbox sump, fitted with a gearbox temperature sensor

Rebuild by Quaife in January 2020 with little use since

Quaife LSD


Custom super strong half shafts

2.75” Stainless exhaust system

Tig welded

Fitted with 3 large silencers

Sub 92 dbs so eligible for all track days, even on the quiet test sessions

Custom long tube headers (Hell of a lot of thought has gone into the header design and lengths)


CDS Mig welded cage/tube style chassis

1.75 inch main hoop, 38mm dia throughout the rest of the chassis


AVO Racing adjustable suspension

Front sus as a inboard design

Rear sus as a 4 link design with adjustable rose joints to camber and toe adjust the rear beam

Custom made entire front arms and links

I cant explain how well planned the car is.

Vented front discs with AP Racing 4 pots

Alu bells and billet calliper mounts

Rear drums as the rear literally requires near no brake basis, discs had been tried on the rear but where not necessary.

Mid mounted radiator and ducted (Incredibly efficient cooling setup)

AN fuel lines run in the tunnel away from the drivers compartment.

Entire car is a mixture of solid mounted and poly bushed

Plumbed in extinguisher system with a multiple of nozzle outlets

All of the ducting is easily removable

Quarter turn fastens throughout the car

Alloy radiator

Alloy header/fill point

DL1 Pro data logger for steering input, engine data, suspension shock travel sensor etc

EMERALD M3DK Engine management

225bhp / 650kg weight

LED Rear brake light

Custom pedal box with remote reservoirs and adjustable bias

Lightweight battery cell with Anderson plug in

Sabelt harness 6 point

Custom motorsports harness for the engine control

Custom accessory drive harness

Both are super minimalistic with every wiring diagram for easy diagnosis

Race technology dash with switchable displays, plus RPM shift lights

Drivers cold air feed

Mono swade flat bottom steering wheel

Corbeau Wrap around seat on fia approved frames

Steel body shell

Fibre glass front cut

Fibre glass boot

Fibre glass doors

Polycarb windows

Glass front screen (1 chip from my last trackday)

Painted Ferrari Red

6 x CXR wheels with ADVAN Full slick tyres

4 x Team Dynamic motorsport wheels with brand new Yokohama A539 WET tyres

Few spares with reams and reams of paper work documenting every measurement and every part used throughout the whole car

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£14,500 GBP
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