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Fiesta 2.5 Litre By Olsbergs MSE



Now this is what I would call a very special car
One of three cars built by Swedish racing team Olsbergs MSE,
The sister car to the one that was possibly one of the most famous fiestas in world built for the late Ken Block
Brief spec as follows
2.5ltr focus RS engine dyno’ at 840hp. Mapped back by AG to 750hp for longevity
Maxx ecu.
Adjustable boost.
Launch control
Maktrak 6spd sequential gearbox with paddle shift
Maktrak rallycross diffs
Ohlins dampers
Massive Alcon brakes
Magnesium rims
All fabricated subframes and uprights. Rally cross spec hubs
Properly built car very fresh and tidy

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by Kieron Graffin
Published: 10 July 2023 (2 months ago)
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