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AUDI S1 E2 Project.

£195,000 GBP


AUDI S1 E2 Project – Perfect investment


Perfect toys Perfect investment

With the best parts you can get!! And mint rust free  VW LT Van ideal for the Works HB Team van and a spare Audi 80 2 door..

Comes with a large original and good quality reproduction parts.

S1 Spares package to build the perfect S1 to as close as you can get to a Works S1.

Beats any copy car out there with these proper ex factory parts.

Parts from Hans Dahlback,
Hohenester, ACE Performance, David Sutton Motorsport, Armin Schwartz and more.

A correct completely welded S1 chassis with Homologation welding and joined in the correct way as like original factory car, for maximum strength!! chassis will come with a beautiful historic cage fully welded in.
Rear fire wall completed same as original.
Correct reinforced trans.

After well over a decade of researching the 20 original chassis’s and how it was built in the factory for maximum strength, I’ve managed to get private access to see and measure the correct dimensions on how they was built and set the Jig correctly.
After all these years I’ve only ever seen one person elsewhere do the cut and join on their S1 build in the correct way like we build them here, identical to an original. .

All documents  Quattro V5 present.

Original aluminium engine with New SQ head.

Full set of new original S1 valves.
S1 cams.
Magnesium S1 rally engine cover.
Hydraulic steering pump for back of head.
Original S1 10 bolt crank with new old stock S1 fly wheel and used FW.
S1 Sachs double clutch plates and Sachs clutch basket.
S1 pistons.
Original magnesium S1 front snub mount.
S1 magnesium 6 Speed gearbox fully checked and S1 mono diff both with also perfect internals.
Original Matter front alloy bar.
4 sets or original Speedlines S1 wheels

A set of bbs E75 which will need refurbishment.

Total of 19 Speedline wheels

Set of Michelin gravel tyres and one set of brand new Michelin gravel tyres plus lots of other spare tyres, slicks,inters,wets.
1 sets of original S1 wheels brake cooling fans.
Set of original aluminium S1 suspension legs plus 4 more spares.

Original front Alcon callipers.
Original S1 AP rear callipers.
Full set of brand new polycarbonate S1 glass with glued sliders like original.
Brand new S1 front screen with green top tint.
New solid screen rubber.
S1 Kevlar rear screen opening frame with S1 hinges.
Original S1 front fenders.
Original S1 drivers door.
2 original S1 Kevlar seats.
Pair or original Sabelts.
Original ex factory Walter Rohrl steering wheel.
Steering column.
Kevlar steering cooler tunnel.
Drivers knee support.
Saxomat clutch bracket.
All original vdo Gauges- including original day glow contactless rpm gauge.
Original Halda trip computer.
Original team radio complete with mic and speaker.

10 new old stock Bosch warning lights.

Original style and colour dash rubber mounts.
Complete original S1 bias pedal box with gas pedal.
Original Matter visors.
S1 Map light.
Spot lights and brackets.
S1 Kevlar Airbox.
S1 kessel Kevlar air intake pipe with the original hoses.
New original S1 throttle body( last one from Audi Tradition) paid £2500
Complete S1 umluft and manifold set up with complete pipework.
Original S1 turbo fully rebuilt.
Complete S1 dash.
Original S1 engine loom and rear to front loom.
8 Black S1 rear lights.
Original plastic headlights.
Tubular lower arms.
Battery tray.
Matter drivers and Co drivers foot plates.
Original S1 suspension top joints and top mounts.
Set or 4 trailing arms.
Pair of new old stock Kevlar suspension stone guards.
4 original S1 boot grills.
Pair of original rear fender grills. Original Matter S1 Roll cage.

Complete new S1 Kevlar body kit.



Rear fenders
Front fenders
Sill covers
Front grill
Rear wing and additional parts.
Heater box.
Lhd steering rack.
Lhd wiper motor.
S1 boost valve.
S1 brake valve.
Saxomat valve.
New S1 plug leads.
S1 Kevlar fan shroud and original S1 radiator fans.
Oil Radiator.
Original rear anti roll bar.
Both subframes.
S1 roof antenna.
S1 original gearbox rear mount and engine mounts.
S1 alternator bracket.
Plus various boxes of original Kevlar parts, switches, brackets etc.

I’ve priced each part individually and this package with the chassis, VW LT, 2 door Audi 80 195k GBP .

It’s took me well over a decade to research and find all these parts, I’ve done all the hard work by finding this large original parts collection and compiling it into one lot.

The key to building these type of cars is to keep the weight to a minimal. Audi invested millions of pounds back in the golden era so they could produce the lightest of cars, and still 40 years on to this day these factory parts are way better than any copy parts of today.

If you want the best S1 and all the right parts look no further it’s all right here.

Building this S1’s with ex factory parts really would make it stand out from the rest of the copy S1’s making this a replica NOT a copy.

All ex factory parts fit together like a glove and not like todays copy parts for example bob built a part in uk, Jean built part down France, glop built part in Holland and so on,then nothing fits.

This project is a perfect investment to build a perfect S1 that will be worth 500k easy and will be the dogs bollox plus your get the van and memorabilia and still have original parts left over.

For example a S1 with no original parts are fetching 280 to 300k I’ve even seen them up for 330k and ines just come up for sale this week for 315k

The price is more than far because to buy a chassis in Germany for 59k and it’s not even joined in the right place.

The chassis here is joined in the correct place as per original for maximum strength and a lot of research and work has gone into doing this properly., I’ve built over 40 swb chassis with 30 years experience.

The cage is historic and that will pass everything the S1 is valid to enter, which is hill climbs, sprints, historic events and demos. You do not need a modern cage in a Historic S1. One the Morden FIA cage don’t look right in a S1 and 2 it cannot enter rallies anyway even with one.

Buyer is responsible for collection. A Large van and trailer will be required. Chassis is on a casters.

If new owner wants it building, we can do this at extra cost.

Buyer is responsible for collection. A Large van and trailer will be required.

May split the package

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£195,000 GBP
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