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 Ford Escort Mexico

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 Ford Escort Mexico

One of the rarest Fords ever. One of only six, four-door, AVO-built Mexico’s and the only one sold into the public domain.

Offered here is a beautifully restored Ford Escort Mexico, one of only six ever produced by Fords AVO factory in Aveley. Of the six produced, four white examples went to the Jersey Police, one was a test and development car and our Tawny Brown car was a private sale into the public domain. It came about quite extraordinarily when a shopkeeper went into his local Ford Main Dealer and asked if it was possible to buy a Mexico with four doors. After a couple of phone calls to Aveley, they confirmed that they could build  a four door car to full Mexico specification for an extra £45 (quite a lot of money in those days). Perhaps they assumed that the increase in price would deter the potential buyer, but it didn’t and the four-door car was ordered there and then.
The specification is exactly as per an early shell with all the correct unique parts common to a two-door Mexico. It has the big wing sump, the long-shaft steering rack, the early dished 8000 rpm tacho in the six dial dash and the deep dished slotted steel wheels. In addition. It has all the correct AVO Mexico chassis reinforcements including the underside stone-guard fixings.
The car was subject to a painstaking restoration three years ago by marque specialist Tony Collins of Car and Classic Restorations in Herne Bay and the quality of his work is evident today. The history file is comprehensive and contains everything you would want to see substantiating its provenance including a letter from Ford AVO confirming that its a Mexico four-door. This level of detail is possibly as a result of the car being owned by one of the AVO Club Registrars in the past.
Remaining in superb condition, this lovely piece of Ford history, with the Mexico name that defined Ford from the seventies on would be a fine addition to any collection or owner that wants to own one of the rarest Fords of all time.


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