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Subaru Impreza N12 Group A

£43,500 GBP


Subaru N12 Group A, full spec B13 Car which has done less than 25 rallies and never had shell damage

Built by MSP to Prodrive spec with latest Step 2 cage all steel Brand New Ian Brown VVT Engine ( New Thick-walled HC Block, Arrow Rods,RCMS Pistons and Cams , Graham Sweet Sump ( done 20 test miles and mapping only with Steve Simpson) Simtek Ecu,Owens VF34 Turbo (125 miles) New RCMS Ex Manifold , 75mm Stainless full Exhaust,

Kapps 6 sp sequential box with WRC Loadcell

GKN Shafts all round

Ohlins Prodrive Bumpy Tar dampers with GPA Alloy Top mounts,

Steve Lancaster R4 Tubular rear cradle and gearbox mount (1 event old)

Tubular Lateral r/j rear arms

S5 WRC 355mm Front and Rear Tarmac  Brakes with cooling

S5 Pedal Box, S5 Heater, Titanium Adj S5 front ARB , Front Mount Intercooler and Alloy Rad, Monit , Elec Fireater, Twin Bosch Pumps with Swirl Pot ( Boot Mounted), Hydraulic Hand Brake and Diff release, 6 diff maps as per Prodrive setting, Heated front screen, full Carbon Door trims, Footplates, Elec Cut off, Motordrive Seats, belts, maplight, Helmet hammock.

Car is ready to for next rally, fully prepped and developed since my ownership by ATM ( Niel, Dan Hiorns) on event and in between rallies. This car’s got everything on 100kms apart from engine which is brand new ( Gearbox,Dampers, Clutch, Gearbox, diffs, wheel bearings , Front Pads, )

Great car for National Tarmac rounds ( twice in the Top 10 in my ownership), simple and cost effective to run, body and suspension parts are easy to get

Car has only ever been a B13 car not Group N Converted.

Reg will go with the car.

Car will come with 10 x 18” Speedlines, Spare shafts, front arms, and drop gears.

Contact George Mackey (447802384326) Car is 30 miles from Newcastle Airport, Train Station )

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by mackeyg
Published: 18 August 2023 (3 weeks ago)
£43,500 GBP
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18 Aug 2023
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