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Bentley Continental GT Pikes Peak



Offered to the market comes this astounding GT: the Bentley Continental Pikes Peak Edition.

With 636hp and 900Nm of torque available from the twin-turbo W12 engine, the driving experience is nothing short of breathtaking. 0-60mph is over in just 3.6 seconds, and the car will pull all the way to a top speed of 333kmh.

While watching the scenery flash by you can relax in hand stitched leather seats, all while having a massage to keep you awake, as if you really needed it! The cabin will comfortably seat four, and the double-glazing tinted windows will keep the sun from reflecting off the beautifully made carbon fibre dashboard.  You can even watch the scenery go by at night with thermal imaging night vision.

Limited to just fifteen cars worldwide, these cars are very, very hard to come by, as they were all pre-sold before their release in 2020. As a result, these cars can only appreciate in value, while offering a driving experience to stir primitive desires in even the most hardened automotive cynic.

Rest assured this car has been meticulously maintained and is presented in showroom condition, with the Pikes Peak livery splashed across the sides, rear, and roof.  In fact, this car is only one of three right-hand-drive cars that sport the livery, adding to its exclusivity even further.

If showing your mates that your car has twice or even three times the cylinders of their rep-mobile, or that it has enough horsepower to run a small village through the harshest of northern hemisphere winters, then look no further.

An opportunity not to be missed, this car will impress.


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Published: 12 September 2023 (6 mins ago)
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Bentley Pikes Peak GT
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