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Ford Capri RS2600 – Believed to be one of only a handful to survive in the UK today, an astonishingly well-presented RS2600 Capri.

Following the very successful launch in Brussels of the Capri in 1969, the European market was full of praise for the new affordable coupé with sleek lines and fastback styling. It was nicknamed the ‘European Mustang’ as Ford had used the same concept and marketing segment in Europe as it did in America. Even so, there was something missing. The Capri had a long list of options and engines, but it did not have a true performance version that could be developed sufficiently within the regulations to enable it to regularly be successful in the sales-enhancing world of International Saloon Car racing. A number of manufacturers faced the same problem and consequently, several of them began to develop what were to become known as ‘Homologation Specials’. These were showroom saloons fully developed to be effective and competitive on the circuit but, in order to comply with the regulations that a certain number were available for sale to the public, usually 500, were finished fully trimmed and road-legal.

So, in late 1969, work begun on a ‘special RS Capri’- a full performance model for the road and for the track. Ford set about creating a race winning thoroughbred to compete for the European Touring Car Championship. The resultant Capri RS2600 was developed at Ford’s Boreham competition department in England and produced in Cologne.

Its debut was at Geneva in March 1970, albeit with a mock-up fuel injection system. The engine was a Cologne 2.6 V6 unit reassembled by Weslake and featuring its special all-alloy cylinder heads. It wasn’t until September of that year that the first fuel-injected RS2600 left the Niehl assembly line in Cologne. Based on the 2600GT, Ford of Germany’s top-of-the-range model at the time, the RS2600 was built in limited numbers and featured some very serious modifications, making this Capri one of the fastest cars on the market and the fastest Ford in Europe. Performance figures for the RS2600 were very impressive, producing 150bhp at 5,800rpm which was sufficient to propel the new car from 0-62mph in 8.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 124mph. These were the road car figures and today, 150bhp may not seem remarkable, but back in 1971, it was class-leading. Homologation was approved on 2nd January 1971.

Built exclusively in left-hand drive, it was sold through Ford’s Rallye Sport dealers at a 50% premium over the next most expensive Capri. Identifiable by the oval exhaust exits, quarter bumpers, and the understated RS roundel on the boot, these Capris were incredibly rare at the time, which makes today’s offering of such an unmolested road car so special.

Our vendor, a private Collector, has long been a fan of the Capri. When he decided that an RS2600 was the car required to fill that small hole in his collection, he set about finding the very best he could, not an extensively modified ‘works’ homage but a largely original car that he could enjoy and show off occasionally.

Once the preserve of the Chairman of the Swiss Capri Owners Club, BVM 114K had been restored around 30 years ago to a very high standard. Save for the fitting of a radio and obligatory aerial, the car presented much as it would have when new. Still adorned with its, almost impossible to find, plastic-trimmed rear lights, another weight-saving measure, it was in great condition. It was purchased around 15 years ago, and has been lovingly cared for ever since.

Stored in a protective environment, it comes out only occasionally and was voted Best Car in one of its very few visits to an RS Owners meeting a few years ago. Whilst our vendor has removed the radio and fitted a blanking plate, the aerial remains in situ and the car is kept lovingly to ensure it can be started and driven whenever required. Given the rarity of any Capri RS, and the fact that the 2600 is rarer even than the 3100 that followed it, we recommend that any serious fan of the Blue Oval consider this remarkable find as a desirable addition to their collection.


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