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Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4 1990

€37,900 EUR


The car on offer is based on the production version produced since 1990, which was already equipped with a new all-wheel drive system. The car has received regular, above-standard care with regard to its demanding technical concept.

A complete overhaul of all mechanical parts was carried out 20 years ago and many hard-to-find parts were replaced. Everything was done by renowned racing mechanics (names available). The car also comes with the original steering wheel and set of wheels.

The Sierra was then painted and stored in the museum for the duration, where regular conditioning service was carried out. The car is absolutely rust free, un-crashed, with traceable provenance and a clear history. The odometer now reads 15,420 km, however the counter has only 5 fields, i.e. according to the current Cebia listing it is 115,420 km.

An ideal basis for building a race car for classic car racing or as a stylish classic car for race-sport fan.

Year of manufacture: 1990 (34 years)
Color: Diamond White
Engine: 1994 cc, four-cylinder
Transmission: manual, 5-speed
Performance: 162 kW / 220 PS
Mileage: odometer 15,420 km (real 115.420 km)

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by HeritageMotors
Published: 9 January 2024 (1 month ago)
€37,900 EUR
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