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Subaru Impreza B13

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Subaru Impreza n10 B13

.Modena 6 speed sequential (R5 Ratios) Brand new built by TegSport , 1 event old

.Forged engine, 1 event old

Arrow crank, Omega pistons, conrods, high grip tensioner RCM, Kevlar belt, RCM pulleys, Owen development turbo, etc etc

. Alcatek ECU, flatshift & launch control

. Reverse inlet , large inlet pipe system

. New spec Jumbo Proflex , with caster adjustment alloy mounts

. Large tarmac AP brakes

. Plated 180 rear diff

. Full n10 t45 spec shell/ caged

. Full interior carbon, doors, firewall, canister covers.

Large spares package

Very competitive well spec’d car


p/x possible Road car/Rally car Impreza R5, s2000, Group A, Group N, historic , R2 try me


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by Kieran91
Published: 16 June 2024 (1 month ago)
£39,999 GBP
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