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LOLA T212 – Sorted and very competitive chassis!

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 1971 LOLA T212 #HU29

Lola T212 HU29 left the Lola factory on April 29, 1971; the 13th car of 21 Lola T212s manufactured in 1971. The car was first transferred to Jo Bonnier, the purchasing agent for the Lola Company, and campaigned with SCUDERIA FILIPINETTI, but very little can be confirmed about te car’s early racing history with Jo Bonnier’s team. There is unconfirmed information that the car raced at Nurburgring and Watkins Glen while with SCUDERIA FILIPINETTI in the latter part of 1971, and still other unconfirmed information that it was raced once by Graham Hill. Unfortunately, most racing event records which are available did not identify the specific racecar by its chassis serial number.

In 1972, Lola T212 HU29 was sold by Jo Bonnier to Theo Van Kindbergen in the Netherlands, who raced the car in Europe for approximately two years before selling it to Stephen Pontinwaltier, in the UK. Mr. Pontinwaltier raced the car in the European Supersports Group for a short time before retiring the car into storage.

Subsequently, Mr. Pontinwaltier sold the car to Philip Van Der Pal in Holland in1985. Mr. Van Der Pal restored the car and attempted to enter it in several “historic” events, but frequently the racing organizations did not allow the car to enter and compete because it “looked too modern” to compete in historical races, even though the car was 15 years old at the time.

In 1987, David Luch bought the car from Mr. Van Der Pal, and imported it to his home in Denver. Colorado. Mr. Luch raced the car in vintage races in Colorado and elsewhere, until the car was substantially damaged in 1989 in a vintage race at Steamboat Springs, Colorado (during the cool down lap). The car remained in storage and unrepaired for a number of years.

On or about 1996, David Luch sold the unrepaired and unrestored car to Tom Atlas in Houston, Texas. Mr. Atlas restored the car and installed a 2.3 litre Ford YBG engine. Mr. Atlas raced the car in many vintage races with the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Club, and at many different tracks including Texas World Speedway, Hallett Raceway and Road America.

In 2003, Mr. Atlas sold the car to Scott Monroe, who also resided in Houston and raced the car in many vintage races promoted by the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Club.

In September of 2005, the car was purchased from Scott Monroe by Jeffrey C. Anderson, the present owner. In 2006, the Ford YBG engine was removed and replaced with a 2 Litre, fuel injected Ford BDG engine. Since 2006, the car has been raced in many vintage races over the last 17 years.

Since 2006, the car has raced in the United States at Laguna Seca, Texas World Speedway, Hallett Raceway, Indianapolis Speedway, Barber Raceway, Eagles Canyon Raceway and Circuit of the Americas. Since 2006, the car has won 10 A Class Sports Racer Championships with the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing Club, and has placed 3rd in the United States Vintage Racing Championships in 2018, 2020, and 2021 at the Circuit of the Americas.  On September 30,2009, Lola T212 HU29 received its FIA Historical Technical Passport.


Issuing Authority – ACCUS HISTORICAL

Specs available to serious buyers, this is a fantastic and historic race car! Powered by the Cosworth BDG.

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