Classified Advert Prices


£12.95 for 3 months
£16.95 for 6 months
£16.95 for 6 months
£19.95 for 9 months

All other Categories: FREE


First 5 photos free
Additional photos £0.10 each
Better Placement upgrade £10.00
Featured Listing upgrade £25.00
Boost your listing £10.00

Auction Prices


Final Percentages Fees:

£0.01 - £1,000 5%
£1,001 - £2,000 4%
£2,001 - £3,000 3%
£3,001 - £4,000 2%
£4,001 and over 1%

Membership and Pricing

Listing your items on our site is extremely easy and we offer our customers three levels of membership.

Free Membership - Charge per Listing
The first listing option allows you to pay for Classified or Auction listings each time you place one on our site. Prices are displayed above and are dependent on the Category you list under and the duration of your advertisement. If your listing does not sell after 9 months, contact us and we will relist it for no charge. There are two pricing groups in both Classified and Auctions, “Automobiles” covers any race or rally car, road car, transporter or motorhome, in fact any vehicle that can be driven. The second pricing group “All Other Categories” is exactly that, and covers all other categories.

Frequent User Membership
Race or Rally Teams and Dealers with different items to sell through the year can buy an annual membership and then place listings for free. This costs £325. This grade of membership is applicable to standard classified adverts and auctions. If you want to buy an annual Frequent User Membership, contact us so that we can set it up for you. You then make your listing as normal, but there is nothing else to pay. Extra charges for Featured Listings and Better Placement will apply.

Storefront Membership
Retailers and Dealers with numerous items to sell through the year can take advantage of the Storefront Membership. At £600 per annum or £200 for 90 days, this allows you to sign up for a Storefront on our site, and to place as many classified type listings as you want under as many classifications as you want during the period in which your Storefront Membership is active. Your listings will appear in your own Storefront which can be accessed through the Storefront Button on our web site. Your listings will also appear in the relevant category in the main Motorsport Auctions listings, and will be found using our search facility. Please contact us for further details. Your Storefront listings can also be Bulk Uploaded if you have a database compiled of the items you stock and sell. The pages displaying your items can then have a button at the bottom of each listing that allows your customer to be re-directed to buy the item directly from your web site. This is particularly useful when there are size and colour options involved i.e. race suits or clothing.

Please review the pricing schedule above before registering to use our site.