Pitlane Spares Ltd is probably the world’s largest stockist of new parts for obsolete Hewland sequential transmissions and Lola Racing Cars made between 1990-2013. 

Purchased directly from Hewland, our transmission stock of over 80,000 parts caters to some of the most successful racing gearboxes of recent decades including HP-2000, NLT-200, DTR-200, TE-200 and LSGA-200 to name only a few.

Having also taken ownership of all of Lola's remaining inventory, we can support almost all F3000, CART, Indy Lights, Sportscar and Formula Nippon vehicles made after 1990, with tens of thousands of bodywork, suspension, brakes, transmission and electrical components in stock.

Newest Classifieds in Pit Lane Spares Ltd.

Photo Title Description Price
DOME S101.5 LMP1 Bodywork Large selection of exremely good condition bodywork from the works DOME S101.5 LMP1 programme, some of which still sporting period livery. Parts available include: DOME S105.5 LMP1 ENGINE COVER ASSY (USED, PAINTED) - £1500 ENGINE COVER ASSY (AS NEW) - £1500 FRONT DECK (USED, PAINTED) - £1500 FRONT DECK (AS NEW) - £1500 SIDEPOD LH - £50... £7,950 GBP
Lola-DOME F3 Parts Wanted We are looking for the following parts for the Lola - DOME F106/03 Formula 3 car: Nose Cone (Lola part code 0330-01001--01, DOME part code 60100-701-0000) BBS Rear Wheels (Part Number RE-142) Rear wing assembly Any good condition parts considered. £0 GBP
Hewland Dog Kits for Subaru WRX (New) Brand new Hewland JSN-200 dog box conversion kits for Subaru WRX. These kits are to the very latest spec released by Hewland in partnership with JRM, designated JSN-200. With an original cost of around £8500 from JRM, these are the very best Subaru kits on the market and helped Mark Higgins, Keith Cronin and others to success on the European ... £4,950 GBP
Lola Indy / Champcar Gear Ratios Hundreds of new condition Lola / Hewland gear ratio pairs for all Lola Indycars, priced at just £110 each with further discounts available for bulk purchases. Almost all other Lola Champcar gearbox parts are also available from stock all purchased either directly from Hewland or directly from Lola. Hundreds of F3000, Sportscar and ... £110 GBP + VAT
Hewland TPT Gear Sets Over 300 brand new gear TPT gear ratio pairs available from stock, priced at just £110 each with further discounts available for bulk purchases. Over 75,000 other Hewland parts are also available, including layshafts, final drives, differential parts, gears and complete casing sets are also available to support Hewland sequential gearboxes ... £110 GBP + VAT
Manor LMP2 Bespoke Formulation Gearbox Oil Brand new bottles of special formulation gearbox oil developed by Manor Racing for their LMP2 Le Mans programme in conjuction with Bangchak Oils and Afton Chemical. This gear oil was developed especially for Manor's 2016 assault on the WEC with their Oreca 05 LMP2 (as fitted with top-of-the-line Xtrac P1159 transmissions) with the Xtrac gear... £50 GBP
Honda NSX GT500 Magnesium Wheels (Gold or Silver) Genuine original centrelock magnesium wheels from the legendary works DOME Super GT Honda NSX GT500 cars of Gran Turismo fame. Various condition front and rear wheels available, with pricing to match. Condition 1 (Damaged) - Front £75, Rear £85 Condition 2 (Poor) - Front £100, Rear £110 Condition 3 (Good) Front £125, Rear £135 ... £75 GBP
Honda HSV GT500 Wheels (Rays Silver) Genuine original RAYS centrelock wheels from the legendary works DOME Super GT Honda HSV-010 GT500 cars. Made in super lightweight aluminium, these are almost as light as the magnesium equivalent used in the earlier NSX GT500 (also available) but with the increased strength properties afforded by aluminium. Perfect for reducing weight on... £75 GBP
Lola Multimatic Dampers - New Various Lola / Multimatic dampers; brand new and unused. Numerous dampers available to suit Lola Indy Cars, Sportscars and special projects. Front and rear pairs available. Prices from £375 each including UK shipping. £0 GBP
Pankl Tripod Joints: GI87 Equivalent - Rare (New) Multiple sets of Pankl tripod joints available, part number 220 104 0045/0 These tripod joints are equivalent to the GI87 type joint (34mm roller) as used across countless top level racing cars throughout the years (including most Lola racing cars) to complement many high-end Xtrac and Hewland gearboxes. Now extremely rare as... £100 GBP

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