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Classified Chevron B19

We are very pleased to offer this very special 1970 Chevron B19 chassis "70-S-10" for sale. 70-S-10 is the prototype B19 built in the late summer of 1970 using the repaired and modified chassis from B16-DBE-10 which had been entered by the factory for the 1970 Nurburgring 500 Kms but was crashed in practice by Dieter Quester in its one and...

£195,000 GBP 12 w, 1 d
Classified Chevron B23 (DFV)

We are very pleased to offer this unique Chevron B23, the only Chevron sportscar which was powered with a Cosworth DFV engine by the factory. As the car started life as a B23 with chassis number B23-73-21, we will refer to the car by its chassis number. Being one of the few DFV-engined sportscars existing, this stunning Chevron has shown its...

POA 12 w, 1 d
Classified Lola T70 Mk1

We are pleased to offer this rare, early Lola T70 Mk1 chassis SL70/6 for sale on behalf of its current, long-term owner. To many, the Mk1 - being the first iteration of the famous Lola T70 line - is still the purest in design. With only 15 T70 Mk1's made and all of them being accounted for, these cars are sought after and front running in the...

POA 12 w, 1 d
Classified Porsche 911 2.5 S/T

We are delighted to offer this genuine and rare 1972 Porsche 911 2.5 litre S/T for sale on behalf of its current, long-time owner. Porsche dominance of the GT classes by 1972 was in full swing. You just didn’t go GT racing unless you had a 911. Demand was huge with Porsche building 24 special lightweight “S/T” models with fuel injected 2.5 litre...

POA 12 w, 1 d
Classified Spice SE88C

We are delighted to offer this unique Group C championship winning Spice SE90P-013 for sale. First established at Silverstone circuit in 1986, Spice Engineering quickly built up a reputation for producing fast and reliable cars in the smaller Group C2 and IMSA Lights classes and after achieving considerable success on both sides of the Atlantic...

POA 12 w, 1 d
Classified Porsche 962C Brun Motorsport

We have the pleasure to offer this gorgeous and iconic "Jägermeister" livery Porsche 962C for sale. The Porsche 956 replaced 935 as Porsche’s bread and butter sportscar for the privateer and after the success of the factory cars, Porsche unsurprisingly built and sold a lot of 956s. The only drawback the car had was that it couldn’t be raced in ...

POA 12 w, 1 d
Classified Chevron B8

Chevron cars had burst onto the GT racing scene in 1966 with a dream debut for its B3, the very first GT car produced by the talented Derek Bennett, winning at Oulton Park in its maiden race. To racing driver John Lepp, observer at the Chevron's first track test at the same venue, this came as no surprise having already seen the GT put in a lap no...

POA 12 w, 1 d
Classified Rondeau M378 Le Mans GTP

“Old Number 1”, the Iron Man of the Le Mans 24 Hours race • The single car that has taken more 24 Hours of Le Mans starts than any other in history • Entered 10 Le Mans 24 Hours races between 1978 and 1988 • Second overall in 1981, third overall in 1980, and fifth overall in 1979 at the Le Mans 24 Hours race • Competed in 19 races in 10 seasons,...

Rondeau m378 Le Mans POA 37 w, 3 d
Classified Wolf-Williams FW05

We are excited to offer this unique Wolf-Williams FW05 chassis 3 for sale. At the end of 1975, wealthy Canadian businessman Walter Wolf bought the assets of the Hesketh racing team who had run out of money and had quit the sport. Amongst those assets was the Hesketh 308C/1 and an unbuilt spare tub, 308C/2. Wolf also bought 60% of Frank Williams...

Wolf Williams fw05 POA 33 w, 3 d
Classified Spice SE88

We have the pleasure to offer this interesting Spice SE88 C/L 002 for sale. Spice was a very successful race car constructor of C2 cars for the World Sportscar Championship, during the late 80's and early 90's. Formed in 1986 by successful BRDC members and sportscar drivers, Gordon Spice and Ray Bellm, they produced over 30 cars for the...

£185,000 GBP 33 w, 2 d