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Richard Lepley
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Classified BMW M3 2.5 Rally Car

Genuine BMW E30 M3 Race/rally car for sale, in exceptional unused condition. Built from a perfect genuine E30 M3, Virtually unused since build with testing and track day use only. M3 bodyshell with M3 logbook prepared to full Group A spec by Hockley Comprehensive cage,and strengthening to the high standard Harry Hockley does. Butler...

£85,000 GBP 36 w, 4 d
Classified Porsche 911 RS Alloy Strut Brace

Porsche 911 RS alloy strut brace, Includes left and right hand thread 5/8 rose joints and spacers for tensioning strut tops for camber. Also supplied with the brackets to weld to the body shell, original RSR type-full kit.

£265 GBP + VAT 36 w, 4 d
Classified Porsche 911 SC Calipers Reconditioned

Porsche 911 SC Brake Calipers Reconditioned new SC Front Calipers - £155 each exchange Rear Calipers £155 each exchange, Without exchange add £40 per Caliper.

£155 GBP + VAT 36 w, 4 d
Classified Permatune Ignition Box for Porsche

Latest Permatune original Bosch look ignition box-fits all 6 cylinder Porsches 2.0 / 3.6, Programmable for ignition advance, rev limiter, big spark start and many other parameters, simple to program, call us for advice on programming, instructions provided. £475 per box plus £60 for a Bluetooth lead to program. Detachable alloy plate w...

£475 GBP + VAT 36 w, 4 d
Classified Escort Millington 2.5 Litre

We have this car in the workshop currently having Millingtons latest Series 2+ 2.5 litre engine being fitted. Check out the YouTube video where is proves its pace against a Porsche. This car a LHD Densport built car, full spec Tractive 6 speed sequential gearbox with flatshift and paddleshift Big Reigers Rix...

SOLD 36 w, 4 d
Classified Porsche 912/911 alloy door hinges

Porsche 912/911 alloy door hinges,machined from the highest quality alluminium billet,fitted with hard bushes and pins,car set £300.

Porsche 912911 Alloy £300 GBP 36 w, 4 d
Classified ATL fuel tank with sender

Porsche 911 ATL fuel tank with sender, 60 litres, supplied complete with blanking panel to weld into the original tank opening and mounting rails, supplied with custom made mounting straps and fixings. Sits in the original position above the floor All prices plus UK VAT at 20%

£750 GBP 36 w, 4 d
Classified Porsche 911 Bilstein Struts

Brand new Bilstein struts, Front and Rear, Gravel spec - front £435 each, rear £178 each. Asphalt spec - same prices.

£435 GBP + VAT 36 w, 4 d
Classified Porsche 911 Monza Filler Conversion

Porsche 911 Monza Filler Conversion

£235 GBP 36 w, 4 d
Classified Porsche 911 RSR Rear Disc Hub

RSR rear alloy disc hub to mount RSR disc to standard hub flange. Priced per pair.......£300

£300 GBP 36 w, 4 d