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BMW E21 320/6 with its title in good standing. Vehicle fully prepared for track day or competition outside France. Fully welded tubular front axle welded on balljoint, anti-roll diam 25 The machined rear axle on ball joints fully adjustable anti-roll diam 23. Custom Threaded Gas Fenders with GAZ GOLD AR Brakes with 4 piston...

€25,000 EUR

Escort / Sierra Cosworth GPA rear roll bar ends
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Escort / Sierra Cosworth GPA rear roll bar ends, weld in adjustable roll bar ends for making your own roll bar, these take all the normal Cosworth GPA roll bar blades etc, these allow you to use any size bar to make customer roll bars, could be used for other cars ,BMW,Subaru,Mitsubishi, etc Please contact for shipping prices outside mainland...

£89.99 GBP