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Ford RS200 Ex-Works (B200 YEV)
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Ford RS200 Ex-Works (B200 YEV). One of 3 Ex-Works RS200s extant, Restored, a Unique opportunity Group B was a change in regulations introduced in 1982 by the FIA for Sportscars and Rally cars which replaced Group 4 and Group 5. 200 cars were required for homologation, but the new regulations had relatively few restrictions. Turbocharged...

€550,000 EUR

MG Metro 6R4 7 Miles
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34-years old, factory fresh, and only 7 miles from new. In the mid-1980s, the 'Group B' race category of the World Rally Championship inspired the wildest, most powerful rally cars ever built. The MG Metro 6R4 was born out of this short-lived turbocharged era and Austin Rover's optimistic thirst for motorsport success after the TR7 V8 and TR8...

To Be Auctioned

Audi Sport Quattro Replica
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For sale Audi Sport Quattro Replica. Just had a 20v engine fitted and last few jobs needs finishing so I have advertised as a project. Engine loom is all fitted in the engine bay. Just wants powering up inside the car. I've advertised it as a project but if I get time I will try to finish it before advert ends. 20v ABY standard...

£50,000 GBP

Audi A2 Group B Rally Car
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An absolute Winner(third overall in “The Midnightsun rally” 2018), complete with International Historical Passport. Alloy Engine with dry sump, Lockhead with 300mm discs front and rear, Rieger dampers, and so on! I also have an Audi Quattro A1 Gp4 -81 for sale, with everything! Historical cars in top condition! C...

€115,000 EUR

Ford Escort Historic Group B Rally Car
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Ford Escort historic group B rally car. It was built from a very good 1.3l donor car. Finished last summer and FIA passport 2018 for both FIA group B period J1 and Group 2 period I. Three rallies driven since the build and everything is working great. Possibility to also convert to GP1 car (correct parts and no seam welds). ...

€26,500 EUR