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Ford Escort 1600 Sport

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Ford Escort 1600 Sport

Great condition, one of the best I have seen for a long time!

1600 Sport which are not that common.

Last time that it was road registered was in 1995, since then it has been stored and worked on now and again. The owner died recently, and the car was left to a family member, he decided to sell it and that is when I purchased it.

The following modifications have been carried out from what I can see:

  • 2.0l OHC engine (listed on the title). I have no information as to the internals.
  • 5-speed gearbox.
  • Group 1 twin 44 IDF webers.
  • Customs exhaust manifold.
  • Lightweight battery. This is not ideal and struggles sometimes to start the car.
  • Electric fuel pump.
  • Bilstein dampers.

I have just carried out the following:

  • Full engine service including cambelt and water pump.
  • Gearbox and diff oils renewed.
  • Fluids changed.
  • Brakes opened, checked, and serviced.
  • Setup on the dyno, 150hp/189Nm. More power can be achieved with side mounted carbs.
  • Fresh Finnish inspection (MOT/TUV).

It seems to be mainly intact apart from the rear bench seat is missing, also the front seats have been changed for bucket seats.

The body is in great condition, totally rust free and original looking. Seems to have been strength welded, unless this is a standard option with the Sport model. All the panel gaps are great!

I am sure that I am missing some details, I have many detailed photos that will explain the rest.

This Ford Escort 1600 Sport can be shipped worldwide!


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by Koskin
Published: 15 November 2023 (6 months ago)
€15,900 EUR
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15 Mar 2015
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