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Belgium cosworth cup championship

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Final regulation for belgium cosworth cup
The Belgium Cosworth cup is a low cost Tarmac rally championship held within FIRC national Belgium events and is open to all drivers with a championship legal car
Cars eligible for this championship are
Escort cosworth GPN turbo restrictor size 32mm
Escort cosworth GPA turbo restrictor size 34mm
Sierra cosworth 2 WD GPN turbo restrictor size 36mm
Sierra cosworth 2 WD GPA turbo restrictor size 38mm
Sapphire cosworth 4×4 GPN turbo restrictor size 36mm
Sapphire cosworth 4×4 GPA turbo restrictor size 38mm
All cars must comply with original first copy of Homologation papers (unless otherwise agreed by championship organisers)
If you present your car for technical check as a GPN car with a non-homologated (turbo, brake setup, inlet system etc etc ) you will automatically be entered as a GPA car,
Drivers from any country are eligible for this championship
There will be trophies for each first in class
Prohibited parts
sequential gear boxes
WRC escort components on any car
Championship organizers have the final say in all matters concerning the rules
Provisional championship rallies
Salamanda rally 21st/22nd/23rd April
ORC rally 28th/29th May ?
Wervik rally 9th / 10th June
Chevrotine rally 5th/6th August
Hemciuda rally 7th/ 8th October
Final dates do be confirmed
Belgium safety info
Extinguishers handheld: minimum 3kg or 2x2kg powder or 2kg AFFF of VI
RO3, with valid expiry date. Automatic extinguish systems are allowed, but the regs for
handheld extinguisher remain valid .

Saftey belts according to FIA-specs, in date

seats max 5 years over homologation date

2 x seat belt cutters needed

Helmets Saftey belts according to FIA-specs : Snell Sa 2000 en 2005, SF
I 31.1A en 2A, BS 6658-85 Type A/FR, FIA 8860-2004

Overalls according to FIA-specs 8856-2000, fire proof underwear to FIA-specs
(balaclava, shirt, gloves and shoes)
•HANS is mandatory (FIA specs 8858-2002/2010)
4. Points & Classifications
Drivers who want to score points must register at the first or second event of the Challenge, price
is 100 euros per team for the season. Only registered teams will
score points
Every car will be put in a class following the Cup & VAS-regulations,
however points are given per cosworth cup classes: .
Other classes might be added when necessary.
Position in class/points:
1st 10 points
2nd 7 points
3rd 5 points
4th 4 points
5th 3 points
6th to last place 2 points
The points system for the general classification is identical to the one per class:

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