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Darrian GTR5 + huge spares package.

£94,000 GBP


Offered for sale

The most technically advanced Darrian out there. Developed and proven. Finishes top 5 every time out among a strong R5 field.
Everything either new or rebuilt, needs nothing doing.

Includes £30k worth of extra spares to include-

– 2nd new engine, Hewland case, turbo, 26 new wheels and good tyres, hid lamp pod and many more ££ worth of spares.

Original Gtr with roof bars, dash bars.
Double wishbone front end fully adjustable. Latest semi trailing rear arms.
Full aero package bodywork with 3 piece splitter. Carbon Kevlar rear floor and diffuser.
Lightweight front end.
Smoked polycarbonate windows with later spec large sliders.
Vented rear clamshell with polycarbonate louvred screen.
Roof mounted air scoop.
Fully painted under front and rear covers, Carbon Enclosure panels throughout.

Freshly built by JP raceshop silverstone for 2023
New Hewland TMT case uprated with steel pinion carrier plate.
New CWP. New gears and dog rings where needed.
Full SBD paddle Ecu controlled flat shift with neutral select and clutch switch for safety.
HD shafts and GKN lobros

SBD  Motorsport Straker : Ford 1.6L EcoBoost Rally Spec Engine
328bhp & 386lb.ft (523Nm)* R5+ specification engine (34mm restrictor)
(circa 400bhp unrestricted)

Spec listed below:-
NEW 1.6L EcoBoost block with heavy duty closed deck & replacement liners upgrade
NEW Omega forged pistons
NEW Saenz steel rods with ARP 5/16” 625+ rod bolts
NEW competition specification King main bearings
NEW competition specification Mahle big end bearings
NEW Ford OEM oil squirters
Very low mileage Ford OEM oil pressure pump
NEW Titan dry sump scavenge system (pan, pump, pipes & belt)
NEW ARP head stud kit
NEW ARP main stud kit
NEW Ford OEM cambelt
NEW unsprung/manual cambelt tensioner pulley
NEW cam cover breather blanking kit
NEW Ford OEM water pump with impellers removed, for use with electric water pump
NEW flywheel with ARP bolts
NEW block blanking kit
NEW vacuum blanking plate
NEW rear water outlet
NEW cylinder head, CNC ported to SBD specification
NEW cams, reprofiled to our specification
NEW uprated valve springs, with our special design of caps & shims
NEW set of (16 off) Ford OEM 3.000mm thick cam followers
NEW set of Denso Iridium spark plugs
NEW VVT pulleys
NEW direct injectors & fuel rail
NEW knock sensors
NEW GDI (fuel) pump
NEW GDI (fuel) competition spec pressure sensor with fly lead
NEW electronic throttle body
NEW oil pressure take-off adapter
NEW oil filter adapter
NEW exhaust manifold studs, flanged locking nuts & gasket
NEW bolts, seals & gaskets throughout
NEW coils (4 off)
Modified thermostat housing, with thermostat removed, for use with electric water pump

Wiring loom(s)
Bosch pedal motor
Fuel pressure regulator
External sensors (i.e. those not bolted to the engine, such as lambda, barometric & air temperature)
Turbo with electronic wastegate with a 34mm restrictor fitted
7.25 mm twin Clutch
Ford OEM starter motor
Race alternator (95A) in a billet aluminium housing
Port injection kit (plate & four injectors) and/or uprated direct injectors
Aluminium intake plenum
Spigot bearing
Laptop-to-ECU communication lead

Fuel system
Twin tanks with Staubli dry break fill.
Twin facet lift pumps to swirl pot.
FueLab billet filter and pressure regulator.
Teflon lined hoses throughout with JIC fittings.

Flocked dash
SBD dash display with quick scroll page access fully adjustable
Reversing camera screen.
Tillet carbon lightweight seats.
Stilo digital intercom.
Carbon nav foot tray.
Split heated screen

Forced air intake to air box
Alicool bespoke high spec intercooler.
SBD alloy intake manifold.
SBD Turbosmart fresh air anti lag system switchable. All managed by ECU.

New in 2023 by Edwards Motorsport
Stainless 3” system with anti lag manifold housed within a composite stainless heat box forced air cooled.

Tilton peddle box easy access
AP master cylinders
AP Pro 5000 plus 4 pot callipers.
AP rotors on Bells.
Carbon metallic Performance Friction pads.
Dash bias adjustment

Cooling system
New Alisport high flow rad
Davis Craig Ecu controlled pump
New Spal fan
Samco hoses throughout

8 setting adjustable launch control
Traction control
Variable boost with 3 settings on dash
Fully versatile SBD dash with user touch screen interface.

Aero spec wiring throughout
All on relays and fast breakers.
Detachable steering wheel on military plug.
Latest SBD MBE 9A6 Eco
Which controls Engine, Transmission, Cooling, Anti-lag.
Launch and Traction

px and finance maybe possible.


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by Mark Smith
Published: 27 May 2024 (3 weeks ago)
£94,000 GBP
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