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Ford Fiesta Rally 4 *ALL EVOS* 65k ONO

£65,000 GBP


Fiesta Rally 4 For Sale ‼️

Due to taking a break from the sport our highly competitive Fiesta Rally 4 is up for sale. In this spec of car, I have been able to win stages and lead events in various countries against all of the other variants of Rally 4 car.

– All evo options
– Essentially a freshly rebuilt engine (invoices available) and gearbox, with a new turbo fitted at the same time as the new engine going in. The only true competitive mileage is the 1st stage of Rally Ypres.
– Both tarmac and gravel setups with their various springs included
Massive spares package included – turbos, intercooler, disks and pads, a huge amount of wheels and used tyres etc.

Price – £65k(including VAT) ONO

Shoot me a message on Whatsapp if you have any questions – +44 7852 382452

Full spares list –

Part Condition Number of

Gravel Tyres Varied 22
17 inch Tar Tyres varied 17
16inch tyres used 4
Recce car wheels and tyres varied 5

OZ Gravel wheels varied 8
Speedline Gravel wheels varied 7
16 inch speedline Tar wheels varied 12

Intercooler New 1
radiator Used 1
Rear Beam Guards Used 1 Set

Gravel Dampers Used 1 Set
Blue springs Used Car Set
Green Springs Used Car Set

Endless front pads used 1 Set
Gravel front pads used 2 Sets
Gravel front Discs used 2 Sets
Floating discs New 1 Set
Rear discs Used 1 set

Yellow Box – various bolts, camber washers etc varied 1 (conversion kits etc)

Turbo used 2

Radiator pipes used 2

Metal turbo pipes used 2

various wing mirros New/used 3 ish
Front fog light trims used 5

Lazer side pods used 1
Lazer Main pod used 1

Front Yellow tar springs? used tba
Rear yellow tar springs used 2

Plumbed in decomissioned extinguisher used 1

front wings new 2
Nav side door used 1

wrapped front bumper used 1

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by Fraser Anderson
Published: 17 March 2024 (2 months ago)
£65,000 GBP
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17 Mar 2024
Rally 4, Fiesta Rally 4
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