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 MG Metro 6R4 ‘Group B’ Ex-Works ‘C870 EUD’

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1985 MG Metro 6R4 ‘Group B’ Ex-Works ‘C870 EUD’. Very special. ‘C870 EUD’ is one of only nine ‘Works’ cars built to the ultimate International Tarmac Specification and competed in two WRC ‘Group B’ rallies driven by Tony Pond and Marc Duez.  Refurbished by Williams F1 Heritage in 2020/21.

In the early eighties, and fully aware of the influence of Motorsport success on their sales figures, the British Leyland hierarchy was seeking another vehicle to carry the company name to sporting success, however, in reality, there were no obvious candidates. It was only with the announcement of a new ‘Group B’ category for rally cars, that the way became clear for what was to become the 6R4 programme. Under the new regulations, only 200 units were required for ‘homologation’ plus 20 ‘Evolution’ models and there were relatively few design restrictions. Turbocharged engines, four-wheel drive, state-of-the-art materials and lots of aero mods were allowed resulting, over the next four years, in some of the wildest and most powerful competition machines ever produced.

As is well documented elsewhere, the world of International Rallying was devastated in 1985/1986 by a number of high-profile fatal accidents resulting in Group B rally cars being outlawed for the 1987 season, effectively ending the 6R4’s International career. Because of its long gestation period, the 6R4 undoubtedly arrived one or two years too late. Its performance on the 1985 RAC Rally – its best-ever placing – indicated that an earlier start could have yielded much better results, certainly in the 1986 learning year. However, perhaps because of their slightly macabre, ‘bad-boy’ reputation or maybe due to their ballistic performance potential and the short time-span in which they ruled, genuine ‘works’ Group B rally cars have become incredibly valuable, rivalled only by F1 cars with serious provenance and Le Mans winners. Consequently, we are delighted to be able to offer this genuine Works 6R4, ‘C870 EUD’.

Chassis #207, on offer here, is one of only nine ‘Works’ cars and was built to the ‘ultimate tarmac specification’, leaving the factory fitted with the full International Specification engine producing 410 bhp. It was built for the 1986 WRC Campaign and was put together over the Christmas period of 1985. #207 made its debut on the highly prestigious 1986 Monte Carlo Rally driven by the late Tony Pond with co-driver, Rob Arthur, and indeed the opening television footage of the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally is predominantly of Tony Pond in this very car.

In Computer Vision colours, the 6R4 was subsequently used on the ill-fated Rally de Portugal of 1986, driven by Marc Duez. Sadly the accident and spectator deaths on this rally involving Santos’ Ford RS200 would contribute to the demise of the Group B Rally category at the end of the 1986 season. C870 EUD was withdrawn from the rally immediately after the confirmation of the spectator deaths by Austin Rover Group.

We’re informed that #207 has never been crashed, used by privateers in a detuned specification or rallycrossed and the car has been preserved in full period specification for its entire life. With the exception of being used on two demonstration events by the car’s current owner of 22 years, it appears to have only been used four times since its retirement, however, it has been much admired on display at the Williams F1 Museum for many years and has made appearances in the lobby of the RAC Club in Pall Mall, a privilege reserved for only a few vehicles considered to have played an important part in the history of motorsport.

In 2020/21, the car was the recipient of a refurbishment by Williams F1 Heritage and around this time the original engine, ‘068’, was rebuilt by Engine Developments Ltd. of Rugby. Full details of this are in the car’s history file and ‘068’ has not been used in anger since.

Enjoying the distinction of having been a ‘works’ Group B car at two WRC events including the Monte, coupled with the fact that it remains in the very latest specification as developed ‘in period’, means that, in our opinion, C870 EUD is undoubtedly one of the best example currently available. Its exceptional originality and full ownership history represent an unrepeatable opportunity and we welcome any enquiries and requests for appointments to view this important ex-Works MG Metro 6R4.

The car will be accompanied by three original 6R4 wheels (2R/1F), an original MG cover from the RAC Rally, Tony Pond’s original seat belts from 1986 and a set of original spot lamps.


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