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Opel Kadett C Rallye 2.0 E

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Opel Kadett C Rallye 2.0 E

FIA Passport issued in 2015 and is valid until 2025.

Built with GTE running gear:
• 2.0l CIH, around 175hp.
• 5-speed ZF gearbox.
• ZF Lsd.
• Bilstein suspension.

Please take a minute to read the steps behind the birth of this Opel Kadett C Rallye

For the first five years of my career, racing was almost done in civilian cars.

The first step in -75 was to buy my own car, a Sunbeam Imp 900 group 1. The seller was Pentti Kuukkala (Lasse Lammi’s co-driver).

More was wanted.

The next step -77 was the Opel Kadett B Rallye Group 1. The car had been used by Ari Vatanen (SMP-10 / MAC-523)

More was wanted.

I moved to Sweden in 1979 and from there the next step was the purchase of the Opel Kadett C Rallye 2.0 E Group 1 (KBT-441). It was almost standard, but the suspension was built with the teachings of Rauno Aaltonen. Even though it became a winning car (See hood Mänttä 200 winners), there was even more want.

Next, a genuine black Ford Escort RS 2000 (TJJ-777) was purchased from Timo Jouhki. I removed the nose cone to shorten the front, and painted white. It also became a winning car, which Jari Latvala also fell in love with. It passed to him, and he drove it to become the Finnish Junior Champion-83.

… The years went by, and the cars changed…

Sometime in 2010, I heard that Jari-Matti Latvala is driving the Lahti European Championship historic rally with my old Escort (TJJ-777). It was now blue and in group 4.

I was keen to see if I could find and purchase back my old Swedish Opel KBT-441. The Car was no longer to be found.

This is when I decided to build this car, a replica of the Opel Kadett C Rallye 2.0 E, but in Group 2.
A good donor car was found, and the build was completed for the 2015 Mänttä 200 race. It became our test race, which I returned to after 36 years. There was also the only derailment of this car. at approx. 3min into the video.

In five years, we drove about six rallies in Finland, constantly improving the car a bit.
The car also became a success with a steady drive..see bonnet.

After these 50 years, it’s time to thank and bow down and hand over the Opel Kadett C Rallye 2.0 E to a new home!

Message from Koskin Import: This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, we can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc.

I have more detailed photos that can be supplied upon request.

This Opel Kadett C Rallye can be shipped worldwide!

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€34,900 EUR
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