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MG Metro 6R4 – Twin Turbo – Shelsley CC Record Holder

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This is the fastest MG Metro 6R4 in the world.

It is a former 1980/90’s FIA European Rallycross car that is now in Time Attack / Hillclimb / Sprint specification.

Used in period by Arne Rasmushaugen and Bengt Wiklund.

It was extensively rebuilt and upgraded in 2012 by and subsequently

claimed 2nd overall in the UK Time Attack championships driven by Mark Pollard.

It won the PRO class final at Brands Hatch in 2014 driven by Dr Ian Rowlance.

In 2015 it took a new saloon car record and class win at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power.

Having driven all types of normally aspirated 6R4’s, this car is on another level of performance.

Breathtaking accleration and terminal speeds are more on a par with single seaters than Group B.

It has many upgrades inlcuding all the usual modern electronics expected from our cars.

Electronic Boost control allows the power to be turned up from 600bhp to over 800bhp at the turn of a dial .

2.8L V64V Twin Turbo Genuine 6R4 Engine

This car took part in the World Rallycross Group B demonstration race at Lydden Hill 28/29th May 2016.

It is currently being used for hillclimbing at Shelsley Walsh – the oldest motorsport venue in the world.

This is the Fastest Group B car ever up the famous hill, eclipsing the times set by

Hannu Mikkola in a ‘Works’ Audi Quattro S1 – 29.5s

Ken Sims in the Ex Will Gollop Bi-turbo 6R4 – 29.04s

Plus many other Ex-works Group B cars that have graced this magnificent hill.

In 2021 this car set a new Outright Closed Car Record with a best time of 27.89s for the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb.

Previous holders of this record include:

Hannu Mikkola – Audi Quattro S1 – 29.5s

Tom Hammonds – Audi Quattro S1 E2 – 29.02s

Mike Endean – Gould Puma – NME Xtrac – 28.06s

0-64ft time is 1.77s

0-60mph time of 2.575s

Accleration rate of 1.24G

All datalogged and achieved up a very steep hill


Outright Winner of British Hillclimb Championship one off TinTop10 at Shelsley Walsh.

Compeiting against some serioulsy quick and developed bespoke Hillclimb and Sprint Cars

Priced to reflect current market values of lesser historically important  Group B cars of the same period.

2023 – Still maintains Outright Closed Car Record at Shelsley Walsh.

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by Dr Ian Rowlance
Published: 14 September 2023 (3 mins ago)
£525,000 GBP
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