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Ford Escort RS2000 Group-2

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Ford Escort RS2000 Group-2

Genuine RS2000!

Driven in 1976 by Jill Robinson (wife of David Sutton) at the Hankiralli in Finland, this is shown in the race history.

This car was converted from a new RS2000 at the end of 1974 to a Historic Group-1 rally car. First rally was at the Marlboro Artic rally in 1975, it has competition history from 1975-1991. After that, it stood in the same storage area until 2018.

During 2018-2020 it was completely restored to its current condition and changed to FIA Group-2, with new FIA passport issued in 2020. The car was returned to this orange colour as there is a photo of it like this in the 80’s.

Below are some technical details, there is more that can be seen in the photos.

  • 195hp/215Nm
  • Dellorto 45
  • Wiseco pistons.
  • Catcams camshaft.
  • Steel flywheel.
  • Stiffer clutch pressure plate.
  • 4-speed Tran-x gearbox, renewed 2023.
  • Atlas 5.1 / ZF lock
  • Front Bilstein & Spax rear suspension.
  • AP Racing bakes
  • New and updated roll cage, 2020.
  • Minilite rims.
  • Extra lights.
  • Sparco seats & Sabelt belts.
  • Steel arches.


Message from Koskin Import:

Please let me know if you need any more information or photos.

This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, I have not personally seen this car and am advertising it on behalf of the owner using their description and photos.

I can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc.

Services can be found here:

This Ford Escort RS2000 Group-2 is in Finland and can be shipped worldwide!


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€54,900 EUR
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